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How to apply blush?

Blush warms with the heat of the body to a more intense hue, which is one reason to apply it very sparingly.

Step 1 - First, throw away the brush that comes in the compact; it's too stiff and small to create a natural look. Use a good blush brush.

Step 2 - Grin like a fool into the mirror, to see where the apple of your cheek appears.

Step 3 - Dip your blush brush into the powder, shake off the excess, and brush it lightly over the apple of the cheek, moving toward the ear, with short, up-and-down vertical movements.

Step 4 - Then blend it in with one soft horizontal stroke on top of the vertical strokes, and blot a tissu on top to remove the excess, or cover lightly with powder.

Step 5 - If you're feeling particularly washed out, you can brush a light stroke of blush across your forehead up by your hairline or just above the brows where the sun would hit your face. (But don't overdo it.)

If you use a cream or cheek gel, dap a tiny bit on the apply of each cheek and gently rub it in with your fingers. (It's best to start with too little and layer on more later.) Make sure to blend very, very well. Many makeup artists use a sponge or brush to apply cream blush, as well as foundation and powder to help blend it. Take a tiny bit on the tip of the brush or sponge and stroke upward gently.

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