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How to apply mascara? - Eye Makeup

First apply eye shadow, then apply eye liner and then move on to apply mascara.

There are a couple of ways to apply mascara to the upper lashes. The first way is to apply mascara to all of the upper lashes from one corner of the eye to the other, but sometimes this method may look too strong. An alternative and the method that we prefer is to just coat the outer two-thirds of the upper lashes.

Step-1. Use black-brown mascara and a curved brush. You can control the application better using the curvy part of the brush tip and the brush tip will always stay away from the eye socket area that we just finished applying shadow to. Apply mascara 2 or 3 times throughout the makeup session, letting each coat dry before applying the next coat.

Step-2. This first coat of mascara is a light coat. Pull the mascara wand from the tube and lightly wipe the wand across a tissue to remove some of the excess mascara. Now either throw that tissue out or put it at a distance from your work area. Also check your fingers for stray mascara. Mascara can be really messy and can cause you a lot of aggravation, so know where every little bit is at all times!

Step-3. There are several methods regarding how much mascara each lash receives. This is the vertical application, from lash root to lash tip. One method coats the entire lash from root to tip. Sometimes this method may not be desirable. Another method is to not start the wand right at the lash roots, but start about a quarter of the way up from the lash roots and mascara to the tips. The method which you should prefferably use, should coat the full length of each lash hair. With this method you want to start at the lash roots and as the lash brush travels up the lash hairs you want to kinda wiggle the brush back and forth just a little. The wiggling gets the mascara fully around each hair.

Step-4. Right after the first coat of mascara is applied, put the wand back into the mascara tube, pick up a lash comb or an old cleaned off mascara wand and run the bristles carefully through the still wet lashes. This will separate them nicely. You will probably need to do this more than once to get the hair seperated.

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