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Applying Makeup Tips - Excellent and Professional Makeup Tips

1-For natural-smoky look, whatever colour your eyeliner pencil is smudge it in tiny circular motions.

2-Give yourself a start with a few ice cubes pressed on your skin for a
finishing natural glow.

3-Always begin with the base, concealer, brows eyes, nose, lips, and then extra's, (i,e start from base, top-bottom)

4-Never use bold pencils for anything, always sharpen for two reasons 1 fast build up of bacteria on tip, 2 wont give any natural definitiion to your finished look, only and Only use bold pencils after running pencil in hot water for a deeper or smudgey look.

5-For accentuated lips, begin with pencil, lipstick, gloss if needed, then
pencil again, blot lips, then lipstick again

6-Comb brows upwards before plucking or colouring in for tweezing the bottom, then cob downwards to tweeze on top.

7-Finish your look with loose powder to soften your look and then spray hairspray into air and walk into it for a long lasting stay.

8-Never EVER sleep in makeup, mascara, concealer, lipstick, or eyeshadow! just wash face even if its with water only.

9-For a casual-day look, forget the shimmery powders, rich lipstick, go for glosses instead and pressed powders. use a mossy light green pecil or shadow over your eyelids and ivory under your brow.

10-For an evening out, only deepen you your colours, switch from gloss to rich moisturizing lipsticks and from powders to "sticks".

- By Fatima F Marie Swenia
Professional Makeup Artist

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