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A general rule of thumb for blending in aromatherapy is to use six drops of an essential oil to every 2 tsp (10 ml) of carrier oil. If blending the oils to use on your face, I would suggest that you decrease the amount of essential oil to four drops.

Remember, essential oils are most potent in very small quantities. Adding more than a few drops to your carrier oil will not increase their beneficial effect and could even do the exact opposite. A little essential oil will go a long, long way.

Blending is fun, and there is no end to the experimenting you can do. (An egg cup is the ideal mixing container.) Last winter I found a mixture of orange, cinnamon and clove oils gave a lovely, spicy Christmas aroma and so used it as a room scenter during the festive season. It's a good idea to label your blends once you have mixed them, as it is not easy to recognize the individual essential oils once several have been blended together. Also, you should date the bottle and try to. use the contents within a couple of months while they are still fresh.

Actually, it is interesting to try to decipher the different aromas in a blend. Try it! Usually, the top note oil will be the one you pick out first as this is the most volatile. Middle notes can be harder to determine. Base notes come through last, and are heavy and warm smelling. In time you'll find it easier to pick out the individual aromas, rather like a wine taster with various wines.

When I was training I remember one of the tutors chose an oil to suit the personality of each student on her course. I found this quite fascinating, and often now find myself doing the same thing with clients. I was melissa, by the way - a very cheering oil sometimes called heart's delight or the elixir of life. It is a good general tonic that has been used medicinally for several hundred years. Once you have become familiar with the different oils, you might like to see which oil most matches your personality, and then go on to pair up oils with the characters of your family and friends. You will find it fascinating and so will they!

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