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Using body oils to make ourselves beautiful ages back to the years in the B.C. and their importance has heightened in this profoundly chemical world. They are safe and chemical free. Moreover they work FOR SURE.

Here’s a list of all possible oils and their benefits for the various parts of the body.

Oils for your hair: A lot of oils are extremely popular for application to the hair. But choose the one that’s right for your type. Coconut oil works well for normal hair. Just as much as olive oil does. For dry hair mustard oil is recommended. If the is aroma intolerable then almond oil works beautifully too. Emu oil works miraculously too. For oily hair mix a few drops of tea tree essential aroma oil to any good vegetable oil and apply. For hair with dandruff mix in castor with any vegetable oil and apply. For hair loss mix in lavender essential oil to any base of oil of your choice. For glossy and shiny hair use aloe Vera oil.

Oils for your body: Sesame oil is by far the best for the silky smooth body everyone craves. To make it more fragrant add a few drops of any essential oil like bergamot, coriander or lemongrass. Remember to take a hot or steam bath post application of any oil if you have a cellulite problem because oils tend to block pores. For the body any vegetable oil like olive oil or jojoba oil works just fine as well.

Oils for your hands: apply a warm mixture of almond and olive oil to your hands before sleeping and slip them into mittens for best results. Wake up to baby soft hands you only had when you were 3.

Oils for your feet: have you forever been trying to get rid of those cracked heels without devoting hours everyday and weekly pedicures. Ditch these rituals and get smart. Take a small tub just about the size so that you can dip your feet in it. Before bedtime warm a few ounces of olive oil and pour it into the tub. Dip your feet for ten minutes. Take them out and wipe them with a damp coarse cloth that was dipped in hot water before tumbling and removing excess water. Apply a generous amount of cold cream and wear socks. Your feet will have even a tootsie fetishist drooling.

Oils for your eyes: use vitamin e oil or almond oil for your under eye area. It helps remove dark circles.

Oils for your face: use carrier oil such as jojoba (normal skin) and add essential oils right for your skin type to get the best results. For oily skin peppermint, sage, clove, camphor, cypress, etc work well. For normal skin baby oil works fine too. For dry skin use emu oil. Mix in essential oils of your preference Turkish rose, jasmine, etc. For sensitive skin use olive oil to moisturize as it is mild. Although to remove irritation and inflammation from sensitive skin aloe Vera oil is unbeatable.

Oils for your well-being: any discussion on oils for beauty would be incomplete if internal beauty were ignored. Oils like evening primrose, flax seed, and sunflower have essential mega 3 fatty acids and active ingredients that maintain body’s EFAs i.e., (over all well being hormone).

So go ahead and make your beauty, body and skin more than skin deep with these amazingly beneficial oils.

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