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How do you brush your teeth everyday? Dentists from all across the globe will tell you that it is the brushing technique more than the toothpaste brand or the type of toothbrush you use that helps in keeping your teeth healthy and white. Here is the correct method and while your at it, PAY ATTENTION! This task takes just two minutes.

Type of toothbrush
It should be short headed with soft bristles. Most of the plaque and calculus accumulation occurs on the lingual (inner) surface of the lower anterior teeth and the buccal (outer) surface of the upper posterior teeth (molars). A lower short -headed brush will fit in these areas and clean the surfaces properly.

The soft bristles of the toothbrush remove the loosely adhered plaque without causing injury to the tooth and gums.

. Time of brushing
Twice a day - at bedtime and after breakfast most of the calculus formation and bacterial activity occurs during the nights. Tooth brushing at bedtime leaves a clean tooth surface free of food debris. Any plaque that is formed during the night can be cleaned in the morning.
Tooth brushing in the morning should be done after breakfast so as to leave the teeth free of food debris.

Tooth Brushing technique

The toothbrush cleans most efficiently when the rounded tips are applied with pressure to the tooth surface. Tooth brushing should be done with small circular strokes. This ensures that the bristles reach the interdental surfaces.

The sequence of tooth brushing should be as follows:
a. keep the teeth together and brush the outer surface of the teeth from the rear and towards the front
b. Then the inner surface of the lower teeth
c. The inner surface of the upper teeth
d. The chewing surface
e. Gently move the toothbrush along the surface of the tongue to remove the adhering plaque deposits.


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