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How to give a Foot Massage? Learn foot massage techniques and tips

Giving a foot massage is a great way to relieve tension and can be sensual when you massage correctly. The study of massage is called “reflexology” which you may wish to learn more about for performing all types of massage on yourself or on your spouse or friend. Massage can be a way of releasing tension or just a great way to make tired feet feel so much better.

To give a wonderful and soothing foot massage there are some supplies that you will need such as large towels, and rich lotion or cream for tough calluses. You will need some oil or lotions that are especially designed for massage or you can the hand or body lotion or even baby oil that you have around the house. The best place to visit when seeking great oils for massage is a health food shop. You can purchase many unique oils that will enhance the foot massage using aromatherapy as well. Some of the most popular oils to use for de-stressing are created with lavender, chamomile, Melissa, geranium and bergamot oils. For relieve of tired and aching muscles a blend of rosemary, juniper, thyme, birch, and chamomile is preferred.

Using the regular lotion or oil that you have on hand is not the best and it will take more of these products to ensure a quality foot massage. The best to use is a lotion or oil designed especially for massaging.

If you are giving a foot massage to someone other than yourself, the best way to give it is to have the recipient sit in a recliner chair with a foot rest. You can use a small stool in front of them. Follow the steps below to give a wonderful and soothing massage.

  • Start by soaking both feet in a foot tub with one gallon of warm water and 1 cup of Epsom salts. Dry both feet completely and between the toes as well.
  • Now, you are ready to massage the foot. Massage completely the entire foot, the top and bottom, toes to ankle. The ending strokes should be from the toes to the ankles.
  • With deeply strokes, place both of your hands around the foot with fingers on the bottom and the thumbs on the top. Starting at the ankle move your thumbs smoothly and firmly between the tendons working your way to the toes. Use long strokes and just enough pressure not to tickle or too hard to be painful.
  • Next, are the soles of the feet? With your thumbs beginning at the base of the toes to the heel massage using circular motions and ensure to cover the complete area of the bottom of the foot. Remember to keep the circles even and firm, using more pressure on the heel.
  • Go over the sole again, with just a bit more pressure and paying more attention to any areas where they have been experiencing pain, such as the arch, the heel, or the ball of the foot. Remember, this should be relaxing and not painful.
  • When massaging the toes, use gentle circular motions and a small stretching motion as you rub.
  • Next, you will want to hold all the toes together in one hand with your thumb underneath and all your finger on the top. Now, you need to gently rotate them three times in the same direction and then three times the other way. Next, you should rotate each toe separately. Do the next foot the same way.
  • You should now twist the foot gently similar to the childhood “Indian burn”. Be sure to use plenty of lotion so as not to hurt the foot.
  • End the massage by repeating steps 2 and 3, gently to relax the foot. Always begin at the toes and work your way to the ankles, using the same pressure and long strokes.

Wipe the soles of the feet with a dry towel before placing allowing them to place their feet in the warm fuzzy slippers.

You can also give yourself the same foot massage and relieve all the tension. If pain is severe or persistent you should talk with your physician to see if you may have more severe health problems that need more attention than just a gentle massage.

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