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If you’ve ever traveled to India you’d know that the infamous Indian head massage or champi as its called when translated to its native language is not a luxury for the rich but a way of life. Unlike in the west where “the champissage” by narendra mehta a high end massage salon in London is probably your only and expensive source to get one. But in its country of origin “champissage” (etymologically champi from Hindi means head massage and ssage is an English suffix from massage and hence the word champissage) is an experience relished by anyone and everyone and would cost about 5 cents. You’d find even an otherwise underprivileged citizen enjoying an invigorating Indian head massage courtesy his barber after a regular trim or a shave. Every little girl must’ve got uncountable champis from their mothers whenever they had exam stress, dandruff, hair loss or just generally wanted healthy hair growth and condition.

Indian head massage is a very effective stress buster. It’s also very beneficial in hair loss conditions. Besides these benefits the folklore has many tales that eulogize the practice endlessly. The practice basically involves a series of rigorous movements that stimulate the chakras (centers of energy). Strokes are applied to the head, forehead, neck, arms, shoulders, and back. A good amount of oil is used and the areas are thoroughly massaged. The massage is so relaxing that a lot of people fall sound asleep after it. Therefore it’s a good alternative cure for insomnia. The movements also ensure that oil is absorbed by the scalp and other areas where massaged and help relieve a dry scalp, itchiness and dry dandruff. Indian head massage is not compulsorily combined with application of oil although gives best results with it. Modern treatments have been developed wherein the scalp is stimulated with the help of the massage and then therapeutic packs are applied to the sensitive scalp so that it penetrates through the open pores. If proper knowledge of the procedure of the massage is known then it can be used in any of your usual hot oil treatments wherein after massaging a hot towel or steam is given to the scalp.

Mostly medicinal ayurvedic oils are used for the massage. They have special healing properties for specific conditions. In common South Indian households coconut oil is used as an all purpose oil for head massage. Mustard oil is also very popular for massage. It is generally warmed before application to ensure deeper penetration in the roots.

So, the reason Indian women have long lustrous luxurious mane is longer a secret and the tip off is yours to keep. Go ahead; indulge yourself and a get an Indian head massage at your closest spa.

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