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Brushing Hair Tips and Tricks

Hair Brushing is an activity which is often done without even thinking about it. "My hair needs a brush" - and one minute afterwards it's all done. If hair get's brushed very often, it's important to do it right.

First rule: never ever brush wet hair. It's better to leave wet hair alone until it is dry. There are special products on the market to prepare hair for the dry condition, to allow e.g. easy combing. Most of these products are applied in the last wet phase. After applying e.g. a rinser to your hair and drying it off, you can detangle it with your fingers. I suggest to not even comb it in wet condition.

Second rule: whenever possible, start to comb your hair before you start to brush. Combing has to be done bottom up. Start combing at the end of your hair. Go through some inches until all knots are combed out, then restart some inches higher. If your hair is really messy today, separate it and comb each strand on its own. After you detangled your hair by this method, you can use a brush to go through the whole length, top down. Don't brush rude. Often the end of a hair fiber is much brighter than the hair cuticle just one inch above. This indicates that the hair fiber was broken, or stretched to rip, which is the result of rude brushing or combing.

You have to use a good hair comb / brush. Don't buy cheap plastic stuff! The problem is not that it might rip your hair, but it causes electrostatic, which has an effect like glue - whatever you do with your comb, it will only catch more static.

Here's a trick to get rid of static (also known as flying hair): use a mister, and spray some water onto your hair. This will discharge your hair. After brushing you can apply a spray to make your hair more shiny. If it is a good product, it will also protect your hair additionally. If you like to give your hair style and form, you may use styling gels or foams. Additional products will be necessary for a variety of hairstyles, some ladies do use quite some hairspray to protect their long hair during the day to catch static and become flying hair.

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