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Good Nutrition and Diet for Healthy Hair

The quality of your hair reflects in part the adequacy of your diet: regular, well-rounded meals are best for you and your hair. Following are some tips on diet and nutrition to promote healthy hair:

1. Cut down on tea and coffee - they are powerful stimulants that act on the nervous, respiratory, and cardiovascular systems, increasing the excretion on water and important nutrients. They also hamper the absorption of minerals crucial for hair health. Drink mineral water atleast 6 to 8 glasses a day), herbal teas, and unsweetened fruit juice.

2. Alcohol dilates blood vessels and so helps increase blood flow to the tissues. However, it is antagonistic to several minerals and vitamins that are vital for healthy hair. Limit yourself to an occasional drink.

3. Regular exercise stimulates the circulatory system, encouraging a healthy blood supply to all cells and nourishing and helping to regenerate and repair.

4. Some contraceptive pills deplate the B-complex vitamins and zinc. If you notice a change in your hair after starting to take the Pill, or changing brands, ask your family doctor or nutritionist for advice.

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