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Guide to Hair Straightening

Hair Straightening can be a hard project to undertake because there are so many things that can cause your hair to frizz. There are many unique products that can help to straighten your hair, but you may be losing the battle if you live in a high humidity climate. Some frizzing will happen just because of the weather.

You will find products like lotion smoothing products, gels, styling spray and some people use all three of these because of the thickness of their hair. When using any type of the above products, the ones that work the best use a silicone serum. The brand names that create some products with silicone serum include Citre Shine and John Frieda. For the styling lotion or styling spray you can find some that work when you look at the products designed by L'Oreal's Studio Line and Physique.

The best way to learn which products work the best is to talk with your beautician or hairstylist. They can give you the best techniques available for hair straightening and which tools to use.

Some of the products that will tell you about is which hair blow dryer is best. When you use a blow dryer it is always best to use one that is 1875 watts. Flat irons are also great products and the ones that work the best are the ceramic plates. Curling irons will also work if the heat is high. And while styling always us a round, bristled brush. Anytime you are working on hair straightening it is best to work with small sections at a time and go over each section several times.

If you are serious about hair straightening and don’t mind how long you have to sit at the hair stylist and the expense is not a problem, then you should consider thermal hair straightening. This process can take up to 8 hours and will cost some where between $400 and $1000.

Thermal hair straightening will work with even the curliest hair. The steps for this process are as follows

1. Pre-conditoning – this will protect your hair from the heat and the harsh chemicals that are used in thermal hair straightening.

2. Hair relaxer – The hair relaxer will be applied in various stage along with heat applications and a flat ironing process. This process will be done to small strands of hair and will be like this apply hair relaxer, apply heat application, and repeat again with the hair relaxer.

3. After, the long process in step 2 your will have achieved long straight hair that will not need much time to brush through and be ready to go.

No matter, what anyone says thermal hair straightening can and will damage your hair. You are using extreme heat to straighten your hair. And this process will need done to your hair as it grows out. It will not take as long to only do the new hair but you will still have to pay again. Many times African hair may be too fine and too fragile for the harsh chemicals and high heat. Even some highlighted hair cannot handle the treatment.

If you opt for thermal hair straightening, you will be stuck with very straight hair that will not hold a curl at all. So, you should be ready for this drastic change in your hair style and appearance.

It is best to talk with your hair stylist before you try any type of hair straightening treatment on your hair. They can evaluate your hair and let you know exactly what your hair can handle.

No matter what way you decide to straighten you hair you will need hair conditioning that does not weigh your hair down or uses other harsh chemicals such as grease or alcohol that will dry your hair, or weigh it down. Everyone’s hair need moisture to keep its natural shine, beauty and to stay healthy and after using heat and harsh chemicals that can damage your hair you will need more moisturizing. You will need to purchase products that have protein such as amino silk acids. Talk with your hair stylist to find the correct products for your hair type. You will have beautiful and natural looking hair as long as you care for it properly.

Hope you like the above guide and tips to hair straightening . Your comments are welcome. Send them using the form at the bottom of the page.

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