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Your hairstyle should suit your facial features and hair texture:
. If you have a long face, a short hairstyle, adding width to the sides will suit you. It should not be top heavy. A fringe, or hair falling on the forehead would help. Avoid: Hair hanging long on either side.
. For a square face, have your hair cut with soft curls and waves, which fall around the face, playing down the jawline. Take a side-parting. Try a hairstyle which has width on either side of the forehead and curling forward at chin level. Avoid: Tying your hair back tightly.
. If you have a round face, shoulder-length hair can be worn straight, with the hair falling straight on either side. Take a centre parting, Avoid: Hair falling on the forehead.
. Very fine hair can look good in a blunt cut. It should be cut upto chin length.
. For coarse hair, avoid a very short cut, as it can look bushy and stick out. You can wear it long, either with a blunt-cut, or have it ending in a u-shape, with curls.
. Very straight hair is difficult to curl. Even if it is cut in layers, it can remain straight. You can have a soft permanent wave if you would like to change the texture.


If you blow-dry your hair front first, the top and front sides, which usually have less hair, dry up very fast. As you start drying the hair on the back of your head, the front hair gets extra dry or sapped of moisture. The result is that the hair looks frazzled in front making it look uncombed.

So the right way to blow-dry your hair is to start by blow-drying the back first (since that's where most of us have more hair). Use a clip to keep the top section of your hair in place so that you will have more freedom to dry the back of your head.


Out for a date this Valentine's? By evening hair can tend to become flat, look lifeless and often stick to your scalp giving it a flat appearance.

Here's quick styling for the evening out:
. If your hair has become dry during the day, spray with water to dampen it slightly, then work over with your palm in rotating movements. This will lift the roots and provide instant volume and body. For added height, gently back-comb the crown area, smooth and spray lightly with setting spray.
. For short hair which has become flat, apply mousse all over the hair and powder dry using the fast setting of the hairdryer to give instant volume and natural movement. Leave it ruffled or smooth back to original style.
. To revitalise naturally curly or wavy hair, tip your head upside down and pump hairspray into the hair roots. Repeat with side sections for all-over volume. Finish by dipping your fingertips into pomade or wax and lightly running through the hair.


Want to add body and bounce to your hair? Try henna. Henna is a wonderful hair conditioner with natural protective and restorative powers. The herb does not alter the structure of the hair, the way some chemical lotions do. Instead, it strengthens, thickens and cleanses hair leaving it shiny and easy to manage.

To get the best results from the henna mask, ensure that the powder is free of impurities. Mix appropriate quantity (depending on the length of hair) of henna with 3 to 4 teaspoons lemon juice. Add a tablespoon or two of powdered dry amla and blend well. For dry hair, add two teaspoons of castor oil. Beat into a thick paste and add some sour curd. Let the paste stand for half an hour (ideally in an iron container) and use dab on hair (including roots).

While applying henna, wear rubber gloves (as you may easily catch the colour). Protect clothes by pulling a towel over your shoulders. Part hair into sections with a tail comb, apply henna on each section and wrap it around the head, till the entire hair is covered. You can wear a plastic cap over this. Leave on for half an hour and wash off with water. Ideally avoid shampooing hair while removing henna .

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