Guys hairstyles got punked!

Everyone thought Punk died after the 80’s. Well, punk never died and is definitely here to stay.
Punk hairstyles were usually associated with rebels of the past – the spiked, mohawked, troublemakers who were into brashy, loud music that parents will never ever appreciate. But punk puts on a much different attitude, though having the same anti-conformity principle. Current punk models can be seen on the usual medium: music. Simple Plan, Sum 41, Good Charlotte, The Offspring and Blink 182 are just few of these examples.

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Punk Hairstyles GuysAre you thinking if grown-up men can get away with the look? The answer is a definite yes. Punk hairstyles have been closely stereotyped for people who are of the young, rebellious generation. Actually, any age group or class can sport this do without even having to entirely alter the hair. This means, punk hairstyles can be just worn on the preference of the person be it permanent or temporary (just having the look on night-outs or occasions). New generations of styling products leave so many choices to the consumers – sprayed dyes, putty gels that can hold the spikes into several directions or dimensions, the variety is endless; the user is just left to his imagination.

This is more convenient for the working guys who may need to tone down their rebellious nature (of course, bosses in the corporate setting would not be able to appreciate punks in the workplace – no discrimination here, but appropriateness is key) at day and be their punk persona at night. Currently, punk cuts have been made to be versatile that it looks a bit more toned down and fitting for the working guys.

Some of these new, versatile cuts are: the Urban Mohawk, a more minimalist modern-punk that is characterized by hair which has been snipped short on the sides and leaving the middle without alteration. This is a much more acceptable look in the workplace due to its funk-without-shock factor. The flexibility of this cut is also a plus: this can be worn slicked back in the morning for that clean, but fashionable look and slathered with gel and spiked on night-outs.

If you still feel quite uncomfortable as a first timer to these hairstyles just because you want to look different, the short spiky styles can also be acceptable cuts for the workplace. This is a bit similar to the George Clooney look, just longer and more youthful. This short and shaggy hairstyle is more suitable for those in the age groups of twenty -something to early thirties who might have left their hair uncut for sometime. If you have seen most music videos of punk groups like Sum 41 and Simple Plan, you’ll get the idea. What’s good about this hairstyle is that it can make the wearer look youthful. With its versatility of being able to be styled in any way that is still acceptable (from totally slicked to little spikes to all-out punked for the weekend or night-outs), this is an ideal hairstyle for the yuppies. Highlights on contrasting colored hair tips can be possible with temporary coloring that can be washed off immediately. If you want to put more spunk on this already cool hairstyle, the Emo (Emotional Punk style) fringe can be added – this is like the hair bang than can be swooped on one side or can cover one eye. Cool for the everyday look; just make sure that this fringe is slicked back on corporate presentation or stuffed shirt meetings.

If you are in an environment where the punk look has less or no restrictions, the conventionally punk Mullet Head is very characteristic of the punk personality. Short cut on top and leaving it long on the back, this king of punk hairstyles has been worn by most rock stars, native Americans and Europeans. Although cool, this hairstyle can be quite choosy on the wearer – it does not fit all people especially those who are having uneven head shapes.

So if you are a first-timer, forever rebel or used to be one, suit yourself into the different modernized variations of this look. You have just been lucky to be in a generation where versatility is a given. And remember, make sure that your personality should bring out the best in whatever cut you choose. It’s your time to punk out and be yourself!

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