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Permanent hair removal is one of the modern inventions that have brought much respite to the women community. Keeping up with the grooming rituals was harrowing and more often than not one would undoubtedly have important days when there couldn’t possibly be enough time to get rid of them. Thankfully there’s a solution now and permanent hair removal can be performed through two methods. Electrolysis and laser both have been said to work fine although electrolysis has a slight edge because of having been around longer. The procedures, their types and their pros and cons have been explained below to help make a choice.


The procedure:

The area is required to have full hair growth to start with. It is shaved with the help a medicinal cream and post shaving laser beams are roamed over that area to stop re-growth. Since, all hair is not alike, laser beams work differently on differently shaped, and pigmented hair re-growth doesn’t stop in one go. However in some cases it might.

How it works:

Heat is created when laser light passes over skin and it targets the melanin in the follicle and hair. When the follicle heats up (if it is in its active phase) its ability to produce hair is disabled and no damage is caused to the closely located tissues.

Types of lasers used for hair removal:

Alexandrite Laser with long and deep beam and easily enters the dermis to reach the hair follicle and stop re-growth.

Diode They are made up of small diodes/semi-conductors and have a very long wavelength. Very useful for dark colored skin where alexandrite doesn’t work as well.

Ruby It can easily seek out the melanin inside the skin because of its red color.

Q-Switched Nd: YAG This laser is formed of two laser lights. One is the invisible infrared light and the other is the green laser light. Infrared reaches the deep follicles and green laser treats follicles close to the surface. This way it works for all kinds of follicles and becomes effective.


  • Almost painless and quicker than electrolysis.
  • Works well for large areas of body for hair removal.
  • Simple and uncomplicated.


  • Clinical safety unsure. No track longer than 25 years available.
  • Long terms side effects unknown.
  • In some cases re-growth noticed.
  • Skin damage due to laser has also been reported.


The procedure:

It is performed by inserting/sliding a hair thin metal probe inside the hair follicle and then electricity is passed through it so that follicle burns and doesn’t re-grow any hair. The damage is localized and doesn’t puncture or damage the skin if done meticulously. The hair is easily and painlessly plucked out post the procedure.

Types of electrolysis induced hair removal:

Galvanic Salt and water is used to produce lye or sodium hydroxide mixed with current and if sufficient quantity is produced it can burn the follicle enough to stop re-growth.

Thermolysis causes the water in the skin around the probe to vibrate and produce heat that damages the follicle.

Blend is a more severe version of galvanic based on the principle that lye is more caustic when heated. Here, the skill of the electrologist will bend the galvanic procedure into blend. Obviously blend is more effective than galvanic.


  • 100% removal guaranteed.
  • No re-growth if performed properly.
  • 125 years of clinical safety and no long term side effects known.


  • Painful and tedious.
  • Only practical for small areas of body like face, etc.
  • If done carelessly lasting skin damage and risk of infection.
  • Expensive.

According to your area of requirement and the availability of a practitioner a choice between the two can be made and you can make a spontaneous trip to the beach without shelling out hundreds of dollar to the salons.

We hope the above article helped you in removing unwanted hair.

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