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Brides must look fabulous but also natural for the most important day in their lives but remain true to themselves; otherwise they will look like a stranger in their own wedding photos... So true and something you must take in mind if you are preparing your own wedding with cherished attention in each and every detail, but you have forgotten how important emphasizing the care of your skin and the right makeup for your face can be.

A corrective, subtle makeup that enhances your best features and makes you naturally radiant and beautiful is probably the best because the first thing people will notice alongside your gown on your wedding day is how stunning and radiant you look all overall, not exactly just the makeup itself. But first, start preparing your skin with some months in anticipation to your wedding. Program a regular series of weekly facials to get all the impurities out, and drink two glasses of water every day immediately after waking up in addition to the 8 daily glasses suggested, even if your skin condition is good. Along with bridal makeup an efficient skin hydration is important because the accumulative stress of all those months getting ready for the event may be reflected on your face THAT day when you want you don’t want is to look tired or withered.

Have your eyebrows trimmed one day before your wedding and sleep well, even a few more hours than usual, if you can! Nothing helps your skin more than relaxing and sleep. In the morning of the big day, make sure your skin is well moisturized about 10 minutes after having your hair done and before applying your makeup and before applying foundation; apply a transparent gel or "primer" to form a barrier between your skin and the makeup. This film industry trick keeps makeup out of your pores and make it stays longer on while keeping colors true for hours, but use extreme care with the foundation considering the environment in which the photographs will bet taken.

When defining your eyes always aim for a natural look shaping eyes softly with an eyeliner or smudgeable powder liner that works best. Avoid harsh lines that look anti-natural. Curl your lashes gently by holding the curler against dry lashes for five seconds, then apply 2 or 3 layers of water proof mascara and choose your eye shadow carefully avoiding trendy colors such as blue, sometimes fashionable in the date of the event but mostly looking outdated when people look at the photos in the future.

In bridal makeup, bright and neon colors must be avoided... they simply scream out of photos, but do not go to the opposite side. The bright day of your wedding it is not proper to use gray. All the effort put in to making your skin look radiant will go to the trashcan because gray makes skin look ashy. The best bet for your makeup in the big day is to choose a neutral or true color.

Emphasize and make the most of your lips, but once again, choose a natural color avoiding those colors that too dark, especially dark red or black although sounds bizarre, but either too pale colors in your lips that will fade into your dress. To get the best results that last, brush your lipstick on and add a small amount of gloss, applied to the center of your bottom lip as a special bridal makeup glow.

Important! Keep a balance between your lips and your eyes, have you seen those funny bridal pics with the bride with a lipstick so pale that seems she has no mouth? Also, if you love tan leave it for your honeymoon. Tanning looks artificial, and hardly matches any bridal makeup chart and makes you look harsh in photos.

To conclude, your beauty routine make a quick check of your face and powder before you leave for the ceremony. If you can have your bridal makeup professionally applied, go for it and save stress. Besides, the difference in front of the camera will be startling, speaking good of you for the years to come.

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