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They say the best possible way to make your eyes sparkle is probably to fall in love but here are some much easier ways to do it. The following pointers from professional make-up artists will surely bring that dreamy twinkle into your eyes.

EYE MAKEUP - Get your basics right

The most important thing is to always have an impeccable combination of base eye shadow and eyebrow highlights before moving on to the enhancing part. To ensure you are getting it right from the beginning make sure you:

  • Start by applying a subtle and light shade of eye shadow on your lids. This color should be chosen carefully because it will show the most. Cover them completely by applying even pressure and blending the color well with a sponge applicator. You can also use an eye shadow with a shimmering effect look or anything you fancy. Stay away from dark colors unless you want a smoky eyed look.
  • Now apply a slightly darker or a contrasting eye shadow color in the sockets of your eyes. This will shape and accentuate your eyes. Start from the inner corners and extend right to the edge of your eyes along your natural shape. Here you can play with your natural outline. You can make your eyes look sharper if you slightly curve the applicator outward, apply the shadow slightly away from the natural line, and back again to the edge of your eyes.
  • Highlighting your brow bone is the crucial effort that lifts your entire look from austere to riveting. A correctly highlighted brow bone is your crowning achievement as far as doing your eye-makeup goes. Always use a pearlescent shadow of cream, gold, off-white, silver, or white color. It will make your look stand out, bring focus to your eyes, and make them sharper and vertical. Apply the shade along your brow bone from the inner to the outer corners. It should bring your make-up come alive.

EYE MAKEUP - Enhance your look

Once you have your basic work done beautifully move on to enhance it.

  • Start by applying eyeliner preferably liquid (pencils wont make your eyes sparkle, they give your eyes a matte look) to your upper eyelid only. The color should be dark like black, charcoal gray, brown, deep blue, or any other dark color with shimmer. Remember to apply a very thin line or the whole look will turn upside down. The line should just trace your natural shape. Leave your lower lids bare for now.
  • After the eyeliner dries out apply a sparkling pencil eyeliner of very light color matching the tone of shadow used on the brow bone for highlights to your lower lids on the inside. Be careful not to apply too much along your lower lash line. The idea is to apply this color inside your lower lid. The striking contrast between dark eyeliner on the upper lids and light on the lower works best for the look you are trying to achieve and will eliminate under eye dark circles and shadows.

EYE MAKEUP - Add on sparkle

Now you can get ready to work on the most awaited part. Its time to add the zing and go va-va vroom. Make the most blissfully in love people wonder what brought the twinkle into your eyes.

  • Dab on the same shade you used for brow bone highlighting onto the inner corners of your eyes (the area between the nose ridge and the edge where your eye begins).
  • Use a neutral shade of pearlescent eye shadow and trace it along your lower lash line.
  • Apply triple coats of transparent mascara to your lashes (upper and lower) to make your peepers peek out.
  • If you are in the rock n roll mood or clubbing or partying put swarovski crystals on the outer edges of your eyes.

Combined with a good base of foundation and blusher you’ll look like a million bucks. Wearing lip-gloss will add to the sparkle in your eyes. Smooth and shiny well-conditioned hair go a long way too. Apart from grooming rituals leading a healthy and moderate lifestyle will secure the twinkle from leaving your eyes.

Eye Make up Ideas and Tips - Eye make up ideas guide to getting it right focuses on eyeliner, eye shadow, and mascara and how to avoid the pitfalls that relate to them.

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