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Want a fresh look this summer?  You may only have to make one little change for a new you. It's one of the first features people will notice about you.  It has the power to captivate, enchant, and communticate.  It's your eyes! Your eyebrows act as frames to your eyes.  You may be blessed with amazing eyes, but your eyebrows are distracting, not attracting! 


Many women simply overlook the importance of well-groomed brows.  They think that since they don't have a unibrow that they don't have to do anything to their brows.  Wrong!  You could be a diamond in the
rough, and it doesn't take much to get polished up!


We've all seen them. Women who have almost completely (or completely) shaved their brows, only to draw on a thin, fake looking brow that resembles that 1930's look--just a tad outdated!  Or maybe you've seen the lady that looks like she got into a fight with her cat.  Not much left but a few straggly hairs.  This is a far worse sin than overlooking-it's positively trashy.


Although big brows were quite the thing in the 60's, the Jackie O' look is no longer cool.  Big, accentuated brows just don't look good.


Yes, you can overcome your eyebrow imbalance!  Simple is the key when it comes to eyebrows. For the best brows, your best option is either waxing or plucking.  Go with the natural shape of your brows. Just plucking the stray hairs should suffice; you needn't reconstruct your brows. Your eyebrows should start right above the corner of your eyes, and they should not be extended unaturally far.  Make sure both brows look even.  If you have any areas that need filling in, use a brow pencil with small, feathery strokes.  Don't press too hard against your skin.  Use a color that suits your hair.  It looks silly to have a light pencil over dark hair.  In addition to the pencil, you may want to apply a coat of brow gel to keep brows in place.

- Kelli Gallagher

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