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How often have you seen the covers of a vogue and wondered how do these model manage to have such a beautiful complexion that they need no make up? Many of you know this already, but for those who don't, here's a surprise - that beautiful natural look is indeed the result of make-up. Of course, most models have professional make up artist's do this job for them. But here's how you can do it yourself and have that look in 5-minutes flat.
. All you need to do is use a light foundation - one that uses water as a base (add a few drops of water to the foundation if it is thick.)
. Apply well over face, neck and don't forget the back of your ears. Blend well, with a sponge.
. Let it dry completely.
. Now apply a light blush, a shade that just brings back the colour-to-your cheeks.
. Use a soft brush to help blend the edges.
. Finish with a couple of coats of mascara.

That naturally beautiful look is yours.


. Lining the eyes with a dark blue eye pencil brightens the whites of the eyes.
. With a darker toned foundation or blusher, make a long diagonal line under the cheekbone; drag this upward towards top of the ears. This gives a better-contoured face.
. Apply rouge or blusher on the forehead just below the hairline. This adds a glow to the entire face. Dot it on the forehead, temples, cheek bones (above the diagonal line) and blend well.
. A brown lip pencil gives the impression of a full mount besides correcting uneven lip contours. Draw a tiny corner at the end of upper lips. Then apply lipstick.
. To correct a flat, wide nose, apply a foundation that is a shade darker than your skin tone over the nostrils. Follow this with an off-white highlighter down the middle of the nose. Blend well. Go in for a dark eye shadow to add prominence to eyes. Blend the shadow beyond the outer corner of the eyes, going slightly upwards towards temples. This makes eyes appear wider than the nose.

To set a long nose right, blend a dark toned foundation or dark blusher under the tip of the nose and carry the colour to the tip. Add a small dot of highlighter or lighter toned foundation on the bridge of the nose and blend it till the middle of the nose.

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