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Care for your makeup as they dont last forever


Jeanna was on cloud nine. She was going to the navy ball with the man of her dreams! She carefully planned the gown for the evening and the accompanying accessories. Matching nail polish and lipstick and other cosmetics were laid down in a row. Perfect. Nothing could possibly go wrong.or could it?

As she began to get dressed, to her horror, she discovered that the liquid foundation and nail polish had separated, the colour of the eye shadow had changed & hardened and the mascara had turned dry. And to top it all the lipstick had lost its shape and was now colourless!

Poor Jeanna! What she did not realize, is that cosmetics do not last forever. They have due dates, and once their time is up, you have to throw them away! Check out the time limit for using each product:

Foundation - 1 year after opening, 2 years if unopened.
Eye shadow - 1 year after opening, 2 years if unopened.
Mascara - 2 months after opening, 1 year if unopened.
Lipstick - 18 months after opening, 2 years if unopened.

Quick Tips
. Store your cosmetics in a cool dry place, out of moisture & the sun.
. Re-cap after use.
. Keep containers properly sealed.
. For the sake of hygiene, avoid sharing your makeup with anyone.


Whoever said that cosmetics should be stacked on the dressing table or in bathroom cabinets? Like other durable commodities, make-up accessories too have their own shelf life and must be protected and stocked carefully in hygienic containers/surrounding for future use.

. Storing make-up, especially lipstick is of importance because lipsticks are affected by heat and moisture. During hot weather put all lipsticks in a plastic bag and store them in the refrigerator. At moderate temperatures, the lipstick can be stored in the dresser.
. A greasy lipstick indicates that the oils have started separating and it is about time that one stops using it.
. Clean make-up brushes at least twice a month by washing them with warm soapy water to which a few drops of antiseptic have been added. Rinse and wipe clean with a towel or tissue. Dry thoroughly before reusing them.
. Sharpen lip pencils regularly and always cap the heads.
. A drawer in the dresser can be compartmentalized to hold different items, so locating them becomes as easy task.

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