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5 Goof-Proof Steps to Perfect Eyebrows: How to groom eyebrows?

Eyebrow grooming is one of the most vital steps that go into making you look great. A well-shaped set of eyebrows can completely alter your look. Take you to the levels of chic and sophisticated from unkempt and primal. A different shape of eyebrows also means a different permanent expression and a good shape implies a good permanent expression. A lot of people overlook the fundamentals and the importance of well-groomed eyebrows and wonder goes wrong with their look. To make sure you aren’t going wrong with your grooming rituals follow the 5 essential steps and you’ll always have perfect looking eyebrows that the best out of your face.

  • To start with try to find out what shapes you really admire. Getting inspired from your T.V and Silver screen idols is not a bad idea. Make a list if you wish to do so.
  • Next is to find out what shape best suits your face type. A shape you admire may not necessarily go well with the shape of your face. Arched eyebrows generally make facial features better defined and accentuated. Round shaped eyebrows have a softer more innocent look. The new rage are the curved eyebrows that can be spotted on anyone from Oprah Winfrey to Jennifer Anniston amongst others. Then there are the flat ones which basically are resorted to when no other shape is possible or as per preference. Extremely thin eyebrows have also been found to be popular amongst some ramp models lately. You have to decide what effect your face needs. Oval faces can carry any shape well but curved eyebrows look exceptional. Round faces need a little sharpness and edge therefore arched eyebrows are the best. Square and rectangle shaped faces do well with round eyebrows just as well. If you’ve made a list tick off the choices that don’t go well with your face and maintain the rest.
  • Once you’ve decided on the shape you need to know the right size of your eyebrows for your face. Take a pen or a pencil and keep it vertically in line with where your nose ends on one side up to where your eye on that side begins. This is exactly the point where your eyebrows should begin. Keep the pen where it is near your nose and move the top from where your eye your begins to where it ends. This is point where your eyebrow should end or maybe slightly away from it if you want it longer. The same works for the other side. The thickness of the eyebrows is matter of personal choice.
  • After you have all of this worked out you’re only left with one choice. Whether you want to groom your eyebrows at home by yourself or get them done at the salon. If your preference is home then tweezing is the best option. Self-threading works well too but is not very easy to learn. Trimming is all right in an emergency but doesn’t give the aspired look. At the salon you have wide range of options from waxing to threading that are like miracle treatments and work exceedingly well. Some good salons also offer stencil shaping of eyebrows too in addition to the usual tweezing and trimming as well.
  • At the end to make your perfectly groomed eyebrows even better you can color them, pierce them, enhance them with eyebrow pencil, etc. There’s no limit go ahead enjoy your perfect look.

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