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So, its the most important day of our school lives and also kind of like the judgment day. Today you can finally make the high school super bitch realize that with half the make-up she wears everyday you can look like a movie star. It’s just about picking up the right dress for you, your size, and your style. And to top it off, this is the most crucial part, with the right make-up. Make-up originally meant painting and literally making up your face to achieve whatever look you want but in modern it’s more like enhancing your own features. So remember less is always more and the more you look like your best self the better.

Once the dress, shoes and bag are picked its time to work on the deciding factor of your look, the make-up.


  • Start with a natural looking base with a matt effect if you have oily skin or a glossy effect if you have dry skin. Pick a tone that complements your skin's undertone and is a shade darker or lighter depending on the kind of coverage you want. Remember looking your age will make you look more beautiful. Trying to look more glamorous will end up making you look years older than your real age. Believe me when you are 35 and you go over your scrapbook you want to look only 18 and not a day older on your prom night.
  • Use colors on your eyes that make them sparkle up and not make you look like you got punched. Oceanic blues, champagne beige, sage, pink, violet, warm browns and coppers look nice as base shades but remember to be subtle. Once you are through with the shadows, use double quotes of transparent waterproof mascara.
  • Apply blush, it'll give you the virginal flushed look that oh so many women would kill for. If you have a cool complexion then use a rosy colored blush and for warm complexions bronzed blushes look fabulous.
  • This day is special so of course you can use that lip color you've been eyeing on your favorite diva and wear it with élan. While posing for photographs do not wear any lip-gloss. Matte lip colors will balance the make-up on your face. Wearing glossy lip shades will reflect light and spoil your photographs.
  • When you are done with your photo session you can smother all the gloss you want.
  • Your hair do should compliment your dress. Generally tied up buns and braids look very dressy and excellent with tiaras (just in case you are prom queen) but shiny long hair with curls also look very graceful and sort of princess like. The key is choosing the right style for your face and dress. Every one thing you do should compliment the other.
  • You can add many accessories to your hair and your outfit and dress up your entire ensemble. A brooch on a plain evening gown and a clutch bag will look infinitely high end.
  • Wear your best perfume to smell exceptional too.
  • Splurge on designer shoes this time, they'll be useful in the future, and without them all other efforts are wasted. Wedges are hot this season and everyone has a pair. Stilettos never go out of style and both open and closed ones look good.
  • A sequined formal bag or even better a clutch would be perfect for the look. Whatever amount you invest in shoes and bags this time will be worth it all. Just pick classics so that they are always in vogue.
  • Carry a pashmeena if it’s going to get cold. A pretty shawl can do all the magic you are hoping for your look. If you watch the red carpet carefully you'll find many a starlets parading about with chic stoles and shawls. They always look exceedingly sophisticated.
  • Do not forget to get a pedicure and a manicure before D-day. A visit to the salon is must. Get a trim too.
  • On the big day, just relax. Do not indulge in any shopping and running errands today. Take a long luxurious bath and eat light meals through the day before the party.

Hopefully your prom day will be as perfect as you imagined. Just don’t lose your calm in all the excitement of getting ready. And the most important is to be you let others admire you for just that.

We hope the above prom tips were helpful to you.

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