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It doesn’t matter where you are or what do you, being well dressed and looking good can never be something that’s too much to ask! There are some basic principles that especially men ignore which are simple and as natural as brushing your teeth or washing your hands but at the same time could put a suave metro sexual male like David Beckham to shame. The rules are easy to remember and the look achieved is to die for. Here's a list of tips and pointers to bear in mind while dressing up next time whether it’s for work or for that important date.

  • The first rule relating to work gear is to never ever wear jeans or sneakers to work. I know not wearing jeans is still an achievable option but no sneakers! Doesn't one need comfort when one's working and walking around all the time? The answer is simple. Wear smart Italian loafers in a dark color. They are just as comfy as any other pair of sneakers but stylish as hell. Walk around as much as you want.
  • TIES are hot and should be worn more. If you are reading this article then you are fashion conscious and if you want to ace the art of dressing stylish then always wear a tie for work or for fun too. It doesn’t matter what color it is or if it even goes with your shirt. Fashion Industry's almighty Giorgio Armani says "As long as you're wearing a tie it doesn’t matter whether it matches your outfit or not. Because believe it or not you look more stylish with them than you would without them." Experiment with unconventional colors. Go bold, subtle, wild, or subdued with patterns. Stripes or dots, just about anything works.
  • Work gear should be elegant and formal. A couple of black, gray, khaki, and brown chinos would work fine when mixed and matched with a number of formal shirts. If you prefer formality and propriety over comfort and ease then go for the traditional pleated straight cut pants. In these cuts colors like navy blue, military green look flattering. Flat front pants with a slight flair (boot leg) at the bottom look chic too. Avoid shirts that have prominent patterns. Try subtle colors like beige in self-prints that do not stand out. Pin-stripped shirts never go out of style. A plain crisp well-fitted shirt worn with pants that are tailor made and customized to your body forms an uncanny combo that can counter criticism from the Vogue magazine editor also.
  • Socks of dark colors should be preferably worn because whites look too stark.
  • Try to wear your hair neatly and to make sure its perfectly groomed use mousse or gel to make it last.
  • For more important meetings make use of power dressing. Wearing a full suit for a meeting can make the right first impression. Keep the time of day and season in mind before picking out one. As against the massive belief suits aren't uncomfortable at all if they're cut well and custom made for your body. Infect you can feel so comfortable and confident at the same time in them that you'd never want to go back to your jeans and tee,
  • Belt is one accessory that can make or break the entire ensemble. Go with the basics for work wear. But when you're partying there are no rules. Whatever your inner devil wants is fine. Do not hold back. Retro, contemporary or vintage all looks perfect if you have the queer eye for picking up stuff.
  • Finally Leisure Wear does exist for men too. And it definitely doesn't mean boxers and a t-shirt. Wearing comfortable and beautifully made clothes will make your time even more special because you'll feel that much more better in the right clothes. Linen probably is the best fabric for leisure wear. Pants or even better pajamas of linen teamed with shirts of soft cotton or t-shirts complete the look. Linen is available in a wide variety of colors and there's a lot to experiment with.
  • Smelling great will be the perfect end to a dressing ritual. Make the effort to use the same brand of after-shave, cologne, and eau de parfum. This way your fragrance lasts longer.
  • Do not hesitate to wear shoes with heels if you are, well vertically challenged. Well-heeled shoes will make your pants seem more well cut.
  • As a rule of thumb self-pinstriped dark colored pants will make you look taller and thinner. To flaunt a broader upper body team them with a light colored shirt.

Dressing right and being updated with the latest fashion trends is an imperative if you want to be in vogue and feel like your most confident self. Men don't know what they're missing if they're arrogant about being fashion conscious. Its one of the greatest pleasures to dress yourself and look your best.

We hope you enjoyed reading the above fashion tips for men.

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