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Facial Massage - Benefits of face massage


Well, you are not the only one to suffer the vagaries of nature. Even the most fair-skinned amongst start wearing our age on our face after a certain time and it is not always easy to camouflage it behind a ` I accept smile'. Massaging the face is an easy and important part of beauty regime to keep wrinkles at bay. Besides softening the skin, another good effect of moisturizer massage is that it stimulates blood circulation and removes dead skin. Facial massage is also known to tighten certain skin tissues that tend to go flabby and give the face a worn out look.


• Remove all traces of makeup, dirt and grime before massaging the face. Learn about makeup removers or homemade makeup removers.
• Never exert pressure on the face while massaging it. Facial massage should always be done with a light, feathery touch of fingers.
• Fingers should move in a swift, light but firm way.
• Fingers should move in an upward and outward manner towards the temple.
• Facial massage should not last beyond 20-25 minutes.
• Tie a head band and drape a towel below the shoulder before you start the facial massage.
Dry skins should be massaged with cold cream. Olive oil with a few drops of lemon juice is ideal for oily skin.

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