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Acne Scars Treatment - Removal of acne scars - How to get rid of acne scars?

Q: What is a scar?

When the skin is injured, a wound is formed. It can be caused by mechanical injuries (e.g.: cuts, stabs, bruises or bites), by heat (e.g.: burns or scalds) or by chemical injuries (e.g.: acid burns). Complete healing is possible in case of internal organs. But in case of skin wounds, the body can only repair the injury and the result is a scar.

Q: How does a scar differ from the surrounding skin?

A scar differs from the surrounding skin in its function and appearance. In the beginning, scars are quite red and later they turn white and remain lighter than the rest of the skin. A scar tissue has lesser strength, less water and lacks elasticity to a great extent. It also lacks skin pigments like melanin and skin appendages like sebaceous glands, sweat glands, etc.

Q: What are the various symptoms associated with scars?

Scars may be associated with various symptoms like pain, irritaion, itching, inflammation, swelling, redness etc.

Q: What are the different types of scars?

Atrophic, Hypertrophic & Keloids. Atrophic scars form below the level of the surrounding skin. Hypertrophic scare are bulged and projected scars above the level of the surrounding skin. These are especially common when wound is not protected. Keloids tend to form long after the wound has healed. These are due to massive overproduction of connective tissue fibres, which continue to grow over the wound and onto healthy skin like the claws of the crab.

Q: Do people with scarred tissue suffer from psychological distress?

Each year, millions of patients suffer from scars, some of which are of serious concern. People with abnormal scarring may face physical, aesthetic, pshycological and social discomfort, which are of serious concern.

Q: How should one prevent scars from becoming a problem?

Various treatment options are available like corticosteroid injections, surgical removal of the scar, x-ray therapy and cryosurgery. However, most of these methods are expensive and also require expertise. Only a doctor can decide as to which treatment is the best for a scarred patient. In many cases, a combination therapy with a special scar ointment/gel will have a positive healing effect.

Effective Acne Scars Treatment:

The newest form of treatment is laser resurfacing, which can be done in the doctor or dermatologist's office. The laser removes the damaged top layer of skin and tightens the middle layer, leaving it smoother. This can take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour and isn't painful because the doctor will first numb your skin with local anesthesia. It usually takes between 3 and 10 days for the skin to heal completely.

Another more traditional method for treating acne scarring is dermabrasion, which uses a rotating wire brush or spinning diamond instrument to wear down the surface of the skin. As the skin heals, a new, smoother layer replaces the abraded skin. It may take a bit longer for skin to heal using dermabrasion - usually between 10 days and 3 weeks.

Both of these types of treatments will cause skin to turn red, and this may last for several months. You can only have these treatments if you don't have an active case of acne at the time of treatment.

You may use this anti-marks cream which reduces dark spots left from pimples & lighten pigmentation marks.

We also suggest you to use a more mild chemical peel/ointment to help improve the appearance of scarred areas. One such product is Acne Scarguard iconwhich improves the appearance of both the new and old acne scars. It is highly recommended.

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