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Cryotherapy Acrochordons Healing Process

Acrochordons are small protrusions of skin growth commonly referred to as skin tags. Most often, these cutaneous skin tags are benign in nature and are nothing more than a nuisance to sufferers.

Acrochordons are small in most cases and attach with a small stalk to the surface of the skin. They are painless and non-life threatening and are only irritated when rubbed or scratched.

The cause of acrochordons has never been discovered but research shoes they normally occur in midlife for adults and are very rare for children.



Acrochordons are not dangerous in most cases and symptoms are light and usually not bothersome. Skin tags generally do not reach a length greater than half an inch and the standard is much smaller.

The skin tags are normally skin colored but they can be darker in color. Usual locations include the neck, armpits, and body folds but they can occur almost anywhere on the skin.

They do not cause pain in most cases but can become irritated if rubbed hard or snagged on something. If a acrochordon is torn there can be some heavy bleeding depending on the area of the body where it is located.


There are no standard tests for acrochordons as the root cause has yet to be discovered. The overall thoughts on skin tags points to their harmlessness. More often than not they are considered nothing more than a cosmetic flaw to be dealt with on an elective basis only.

There are some cases where the coloration and appearance of the skin tag may alert a doctor the possibility of a more serious problem. In this case the doctor will remove the skin tag and send it out for testing. This is to determine whether the area was affected with cancer.


Treatment is not normally necessary unless the acrochordons are causing problems in one form or other. A skin tag that has become irritated and causes the patient pain may be removed and some people have the skin tags removed because they are in an area easily seen. Both of these procedures are elective and may not be covered by medical insurance.

To remove the acrochordons patients have three choices. The first is surgical removal where the tag is removed with a scalpel or surgical scissors. This can be mildly uncomfortable for the patient and result in scarring. There is also a chance for excessive bleeding especially with those patients who are taking blood thinners. Tell your doctor if you are taking any medication that could cause you to bleed before under going this procedure or any other.

Cryotherapy is another option. In this procedure the acrochordons are frozen and then removed quickly and painlessly. This is a very expensive procedure and takes a longer period of time.

Using a cautery to electrically burn the tags off is also used. This procedure is not painful but expensive and can cause undo scarring. Check with your doctor about the risks of each of these procedures and determine which one is right for you.


Acrochordons rarely cause problems to the sufferers and are normally only removed when it interferes with the patient’s lifestyle in some way.

With surgical removal there is a very low risk of the skin tags re-growing in the same area but it has been known to happen. Even if the patient has the skin tags removed they may contain to appear on other parts of the body.

Scar formation is possible with some of the treatment options but is generally mild and most patients report being pleased with the procedures.


There are very few cases where complications occur when dealing with acrochordons. Occasionally an infection will present after the removal but this is a very rare happening.

Skin tags that are removed by the patient can cause severe bleeding in some cases. Never attempt to remove the skin tags yourself. You should always consult a physician and discuss all of the treatment methods.

It is very uncommon but there have been cases where skin cancer presents as a skin tag. If a doctor believes this is the case then the skin tag will be removed and sent out for biopsy.

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