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Many skin disorders can be simple rashes, and others can be as serious as tumors or lesions. Quick identification and treatment of these skin disorders is the key for an individual. This could help to prevent the spread of the skin aliments and reduce the recover time associated with it.


Miliaria is also referred to as prickly heat or sweat rash. They appear to be patches of small, red rashes that can look a lot like tiny blisters. They often are very itchy and individuals have to be careful not to further irritate the rash by continuing to scratch it. They usually disappear after two or three days.

Who can get them?

Miliaria can affect individuals of all ages; however, it is more common in infants and younger children. This is the part of the population that has the undeveloped sweat glands. Miliaria occurs in individuals of all races, and affects males and females equally.

What can cause them?

Miliaria is caused by a blockage of an individual’s sweat glands. This skin disorder seems to be prevalent in hot, humid, or topical conditions.

How does it happen?

Miliaria happens when your sweat glands get clogged up. What happens normally is that sweat is carried from under the skin to the surface of the skin by the sweat ducts. When these are blocked it causes the ducts to rupture and these rashes occur.

Where do they appear?

Miliaria commonly appears in the face, neck, under the breast, but also in areas of the body that may rub against clothing, such as the back, chest and the stomach.

What are the symptoms?

Miliaria starts out as small red rashes, but they can develop into small blisters. They could often become itchy and may occur in more than one area of the person’s body.

How can it be diagnosed?

A doctor or dermatologists can easily diagnosis Miliaria through a physical examination, since it occurs more often in infants and younger children. Also, if these rashes occur during the summer months or in a tropical environment, it is more likely that the child has this skin aliment. If it is not clear that is Miliaria, blood work can be done to confirm the diagnosis.

What treatments are available for miliaria?

Since this skin aliment affects younger children, it is important for parents to try and make them as comfortable as possible. This can be an irritating skin rash that makes an individual annoyed and frustrated. In most cases the rash will disappear within a couple of weeks. They are some things that can be done to make the individual more comfortable.

First, the person will have to stay in an air conditioned area, and wear light and loose clothing. You can also give the individual lots of cool baths. The main objective is to unplug the sweat glands and keep the individual at ease and relaxed.

You can also apply anti-itch lotions and topical steroid creams to the rash. Many times a steroid cream may not be recommended for children under a certain age. These lotions and creams help to reduce the itching that comes from the rash and they need to be applied three to four times a day to the affected area. The itching is the most annoying aspect of the rash sometimes. If the rash becomes infected, then the individual may have to take antibiotics, but that is in extreme cases.

Keeping the area clean is also very crucial. Using antibacterial cleaners can help to reduce the spread of the rash and prevent further outbreaks. You can also use antiseptics that contain salicylic acid to keep the area clean. Miliaria usually will clear up on its own, and it is not contagious, so you can not catch it from the child or infant who has it.

Miliaria is another one of those skin aliments that seems to target young children and infants. It is extremely important for parents to keep an eye out for these rashes, and seek treatment as soon as possible. We also have to be aware that the skin of infants and younger children is quite sensitive so not all treatments are suitable for all ages. While many times treatments are simple, it is making the baby or child comfortable that is important.

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