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What is Impetigo

Impetigo is a skin disorder that is normally characterized by lesions on the skin that crust. This is a fairly common disorder among the population. Impetigo is not dangerous in most cases and is treatable.

Causes of Impetigo

As one of the most common skin disorders in the world, Impetigo presents itself most often in children. The root cause of Impetigo has been discovered to be bacterial infection. For children it comes from living in unhealthy environments that are unclean and anything but sanitary.

In adults, Impetigo may present following a upper respiratory infection when the immune system has been weakened. It may also appear following the end of another skin disorder where the skin’s defenses have been weakened.

Impetigo begins with a red irritated area that becomes a blister. Once opened the blister forms a crust on the skin. The disorder is contagious as it spreads through the oozing of the blisters that form.

Symptoms of Impetigo


There are several symptoms associated with Impetigo but they do not always present in every case that is handled. Some of the symptoms are age specific.

  • Skin lesions are the first sign and a characterized by groups of tiny blisters. Eventually the blisters will burst and seep a yellow liquid before forming a crust.

  • Itching blisters are another common symptom.
  • In children a single rash point may become visible. This normally spreads as the child scratches the area.
  • When the disease presents in infants there will be blisters that erupt easily and leave a reddened irritated area beneath.
  • Lymph nodes being swollen is another common indicator of Impetigo

Diagnosis for Impetigo

Impetigo is not difficult to diagnose. Most often a doctor will determine Impetigo simply by sight and will continue from there. On some occasions a culture sample will be taken but this is not commonplace.

Treatment for Impetigo

Doctors do not seek to treat Impetigo directly. Instead they will go after the infection that is the root cause of the disorder. Normally an aggressive regimen of antibiotics is prescribed to clear out the infection. This is done in hopes that the disorder will stop spreading once the body is no carrying the infection. The immune system needs to be strengthened in order for the body to be able to fight off the effects that Impetigo has on it.

Washing of the affected skin several times a day with antibacterial soap is also prescribed as a measure to remove the crusts and drainage and prevent the spread of Impetigo to other areas of the skin.

Sufferers should always use a clean wash cloth each time they wash as well as a towel. Never share a towel or any other item that comes in contact with the skin with anyone else. This will spread the disease to others.

Prognosis for Impetigo

Impetigo is a highly curable disorder. Nine times out of ten there are no lingering effects of the disorder after treatment has been successful. The sores will health rather slow but they will not scar. On occasion the sores will recur in children whose immune systems are not as strong as adults. If sore reoccur you should contact the doctor immediately to resume treatment.

Complications for Impetigo

Complications with Impetigo are extremely rare. The most common is the disease spreading to other parts of the body which results from itching and not properly washing the hands after coming in contact with the sores.

It is possible for the infection that is the root cause of the Impetigo to lead to renal failure. This only occurs when the infection goes untreated and is allowed to spread through the body. Prevent this by seeking medical attention immediately after the first symptoms appear.

There have been some cases reported where there is permanent skin damage from Impetigo. The amount of cases is small and not generally an issue.

Medical Attention of Impetigo

You should seek medical attention as soon as possible if you believe that you have any of the symptoms of Impetigo. Treatment should begin immediately to ward off the lingering affects of infection that can cause severe complications in the body if left untreated.

Be sure to follow all of the guidelines that your doctor sets down to prevent the spread of Impetigo. The disease is highly contagious and can become bothersome especially to small children and older adults.

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