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Lymphomatoid papulosis is a skin disorder that occurs on many parts of the body. The main areas of the body that are mainly under risk are the chest and the arms and legs, but the back has also been reported as an area for Lymphomatoid papulosis to occur. What you will get is a rash appear on any of the just mentioned parts of the body. But this rash does have some similar characteristics to other rashes in that the rash will usually be red or in some cases the rash will be brown. But also there are some characteristics of a Lymphomatoid papulosis rash that are somewhat different to many other rashes. This rash that you will get if you are diagnosed with Lymphomatoid papulosis will also have an almost crusty surface. The problem with Lymphomatoid papulosis is that the first set of bumps will heal easily within two to three weeks. But then there will be a new set on your body. Lymphomatoid papulosis seems to be more popular
in women.

What to Expect

Unfortunately what you will expect from the skin disorder
Lymphomatoid papulosis is not very nice. You will get rashes appear on one part of your body. You will try to avoid scratching that part of your body and then you will be relived after a couple of weeks when the bumps and or rashes have disappeared. However they have not disappeared entirely as they will re-form onto another part of your body and you will continue to feel the need to scratch where they are. The rashes that you should look out for are red or brown and as described before they will have a crusty surface. This will continue for the rest of your life as there is no known cure for this skin disorder.

Age Group

This can be hard to determine. There are a few facts that must be considered before we can suggest any type of age group that will be more common to attract Lymphomatoid papulosis. The first fact is that this skin disorder can turn into cancer. Cancer is more common when people are in their late twenties to their early thirties. Cancer does happen in all ages but these ages do seem the most common. Also this skin disorder seems to be more common in women. This is unknown why but men do get it as well, but the women to men ratio is far higher. So it seems that the most popular age group for this skin disorder is somewhere in between 26 and 34. However it must be stressed that all ages of people can get this skin disorder and those ages are not official.

Diagnosis and Testing

The diagnosis of Lymphomatoid papulosis is not easily done. Most doctors do not have a great knowledge of this disease as it only came into the public eye during the 1960’s, so not much research has gone into this skin disorder. There are of course ways to detech if you have Lymphomatoid papulosis. Most doctors have a somewhat small knowledge of this skin disorder so they can make a correct diagnosis if you do have this skin disorder.

Treatments for Lymphomatoid Papulosis

Unfortunately at this moment there are no known treatments that can combat Lymphomatoid papulosis. The reason for this is that this skin disorder has not been in the public light for a long time. Not many people even know that this skin disorder even exists. Research is being carried out into why this skin disorder appears in the first place. Once they correctly identify that then they can move onto how to combat this disease. It has been suggested that cortisone ointments can help to heal Lymphomatoid papulosis but it does not work with all cases.

Complications of Lymphomatoid Papulosis

There is one major complication that can occur if this skin disorder does get out of hand. If you do not go visit the doctor’s regularly if you have Lymphomatoid papulosis then this skin disorder can escalate into lymphoma, which we all know is a form of cancer. This is not highly common as about one out of ten cases will result in lymphoma but you must visit your doctor regularly to make sure that this skin disorder does not escalate into lymphoma.

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