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Melasma - Causes, Cure, Facts, Treatment

Melasma is better known as the Mask of Pregnancy or Pregnancy Mask. It is characterized by a dark skin discoloration found on sun-exposed areas of the face.

Melasma is a common skin disorder that can affect anyone but is most noted in young women with brownish skin tones. It is more often associated with female hormones, estrogen and progesterone.

Melasma is often seen in pregnant women, women who are taking oral contraceptives and women taking hormone replacement therapy. Exposure to the sun is also a large factor and in seen more in tropical climates.

Symptoms of Melasma are usually a uniform brown color that can be seen over the cheeks, forehead, nose and sometimes the upper lip. It is usually matching on both sides of the face. This means that both sides of the face will have the brown areas and not just one.

There are no known preventions to use in order to protect yourself from Melasma.

There are no long term effects associated with Melasma and the symptoms usually disappear after the birth of the baby, the discontinuing of oral contraceptives or hormone replacement therapy. There are no dangers associated with your health from Melasma and it is not contagious.

There are a few treatments that may help with the appearance of Melasma which include a combination of tretinoin cream and a bleaching cream that contains hydroquinone. This may help to fade some types of Melasma. Your doctor may also have some prescriptions which may help such as chemical peels or tropical steroid creams. In severe cases, your physician may suggest laser treatments to remove the dark pigment from your skin. The use of sunscreen may also aid in the prevention of the skin becoming darker or spreading.

Home remedies include rubbing lemon on your face before taking a shower and leaving it on 15 minutes before washing it off. The acid in the lemon may help to fade the brown areas.

The use of body lotions have helped to fade these areas as well in some women. Scar removal creams such as Miracle Duo and Blemish Be Gone are some very popular methods to aid in the fading of Melasma. But, use the lemon along with the creams. This is not a permanent cure.

You can also add the lemon to cucumber juice and apply this mask just before bedtime and remove in the morning. You should try this method for 3 to 4 days. If no change is seen then you will need to bleach the areas. Talk with your physician about safe ways to bleach your face that will not damage the skin.

Cosmetics are another way to hide the brown areas. You must however, use a powder, concealer, or foundation that matches your skin tone.

Remember this disorder will not last and will go away. You just have to live with it for awhile and learn ways to fade the brown areas.

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