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Chronic Mucocutaneous Candidiasis


Mucocutaneous Candidiasis is a fungi infection of the Candidi family (something that lives on the surface of the skin) it is found in the mouth, nails, skin and sometimes it is found on other organs. The name Candidi refers to the white color of the infection. As you can see in the picture (below) this patient has contracted this skin disease and it is showing on their tongue. It is not just one part of the tongue that is showing the white color that appears when someone has contracted Mucocutaneous Candidiasis. Instead you can be sure that someone who has contracted this skin disease will have the whole part of their tongue in white. But you must also look out for this skin disease forming on other parts of the human body. Because as already stated this particular skin disease can show up on the nails and skin, as well as organs, so you must always be vigilant when trying to diagnose this skin disease.

Who does it affect?

Mucocutaneous Candidiasis usually affect the very young before the age of 3 and young adults. It rarely affects adults. Of course the reason for this is unknown. But any symptoms that might be shown on your child should then result in your child being taken immediately to the doctor for a full diagnosis. However it has been known for adults to again contract Mucocutaneous Candidiasis. But this is more likely to happen if you have already experienced Mucocutaneous Candidiasis during your childhood. But even if you have never had this skin disease during childhood then you can still contract Mucocutaneous Candidiasis during adulthood. Some people have had the unlucky fortune to contract this skin disease when they were 50 years old. So never believe that you are never going to contract this skin disease, letting your guard down is a sure fire way for you to contract Mucocutaneous Candidiasis. You must always remain cautious and always be prepared. Regular visits to your doctor will make sure that you are not going to contract this skin disease. And of cause if you do show any symptoms then you should go to your local doctor immediately for a full diagnostic.

Symptoms of Mucocutaneous Candidiasis

Mucocutaneous Candidiasis does lay host to other names as well. Some of these are well-known where as others are only known fully to the medical profession. These other names for Mucocutaneous Candidiasis include:

Oral Candidiasis, which is better known as Thrush. Thrush gets it name because it looks like the white spots that appear on the bird with the same name. Thrush, however, can affect both young and old the old are affected usually from unclean or improper fitting dentures.

At the base of the fingernails and toenails a swollen, tender and red. It has an affect on the larynx vocal cords make you sound horse.

It affects areas that are moist and warm areas like under you arms, vagina, between the buttocks, groin, and breast. This shows that your whole body can come under attack. Granulomus a hard and horn like lesion appearing red at the base and is usually found on the scalp and trunk but it hardly ever found on the hands and face.

Causes of Mucocutaneous Candidiasis

Immune system failure is the cause of Mucocutaneous Candidiasis. The immune system is made up of white blood cells that use proteins to fight off infections. Defective T-lymphocytes or low level of immunoglobulin. It can also be genetic predisposition that you got from either one parent (dominate) or both parents. Although this is still not been fully shown, sometimes the patient will have no medical record of this type of skin disease being shown in their family.

Summary of Mucocutaneous Candidiasis

While Mucocutaneous Candidiasis has been known to mainly attack young children it has also been recorded in a few adult patients. This skin disease can attack almost any part of your body and you have to always be aware that you can be under attack. No age group is truly safe from this skin disease and you must always be prepared and of cause you also have to know the symptoms. If you can make sure that you check your body regularly then you can catch and contain this skin disease before it gets to a worse stage.

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