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Skin growths are a group of cells that form around your natural skin. These growths can be flat or raised. They can vary in color and in size. What makes growths different are their compositions and whether or not they are cancerous. The most important thing to remember is that you should get them check out by a doctor to prevent long term damage to your skin.

Myxoids Liposarcoma

Myxoid Cysts are a formation of jelly like substances that forms close to an individual’s fingers or toes and close to the nail. They are often referred to as digital mucous. These cysts are soft and rubbery. They appear to have a smooth, shiny surface and are usually skin colored or translucent. Myxoid Cysts often cause a groove to appear in the center of the nail.

Who can get them?

Myxoid Cysts can affect anyone, but they are twice as common in women as they are in men. It also frequently affects individuals over the age of forty. These cysts seem to begin to appear once the individual reaches middle age and older.

What can cause them?

The exact causes of Myxoid Cysts are not exactly known. They often appear suddenly or develop over a period of a few months. There is some implication that these cysts occur at the site of a trauma to the fingers or toes, while this may not always be the case, it can be a contributing factor to the development of these cysts.

How does it happen?

Myxoid Cysts occur when hyaluronic acid forms close to the nail of your fingers or toes. This causes a degeneration of the tissue at the top of the finger and these cysts form. They often appear at the site of a previous injury or minor trauma to the skin. Myxoid Cysts also occur at the sites of friction to the fingers or toes.

Where do they appear?

Myxoid Cysts appear on the nail of an individual’s fingers or toes. They do not occur in any other part of the body.

What are the symptoms of Myxoid Cysts?

Myxoid Cysts are soft and rubbery and appear at the end of fingers and toes. It is ailment of the nail. These cysts can extend up to a few millimeters across the length of the nail. These cysts vary in sizes. They can cause an individual some discomfort and pain.

How can it be diagnosed?

Myxoid Cysts are diagnosed by doctors easily. Since they form at the nails of your fingers or toes, then doctors can examine that area, and make a quick diagnosis.

What treatments are available for Myxoid Cysts?

Individuals can choose from a range of treatments that are available. Some individuals elect to do nothing, unless the cysts become painful, most times they will go away on their own. Some treatments have been more successful than others. The first option is the freezing of the cysts; this done through a procedure known as cryotherapy. The cysts are frozen with liquid nitrogen. This procedure will cause the cysts to dry up; however, it can leave a flat white scar.

Another option is injecting the cysts with cortisone; this will usually make the cysts go away also. This procedure is often the least likely to be used, since most patients do not see any results with it. You can also have the Myxoid Cysts surgically removed; this option however, does have some drawbacks. There is a possibility that the cysts will return again. Steroid injections are also often used to reduce the size of the cysts.

Also, can time you can reduce the size of the cysts by pressing it down using a silicon gel sheet, this will sometimes reduce the size of the cysts. You then must apply an antibiotic cream on the cysts. Many times no matter what treatment you embark on, the Myxoid Cysts will return, and many times and in the same spot as the original occurrence.

While Myxoid Cysts are usually harmless, most individuals for cosmetic purposes like to get them removed. Since this is a skin aliment that affects older individuals it is more important for them to have it checked out, so that you can rule out if the skin growth is cancerous or not.

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