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Description of Onychomycosis

Onychomycosis is a fungal infection and this skin infection has been known to attack the fingernails and or the toenails. The main problem that this skin infection can cause is that it will make your toe or fingernails disfigured. But it can also thicken and also discolor the nails. If you do not get the problem seen to by a doctor then this skin infection can actually become a lot thicker and you will have trouble putting your shoes on. If you do get your shoes on though then you can experience a lot of pain simply from walking. A doctor can administer the right treatment and help you find comfort from walking.


Vulnerable Patients

There is no certain age group or gender that will contract
Onychomycosis. Your age will not come into effect when you are being diagnosed by your doctor. Also your gender will not be
considered when your diagnosis is being performed. Men and women from all ages have contracted this skin infection and it can be very painful if it is not diagnosed early. Patients from all ages and walks of life have experienced this skin infection, so you should always consider the fact that you might contract Onychomycosis. Also your family and friends are just as vulnerable as you are. So it just goes to show that anyone can contract Onychomycosis.

Symptoms of Onychomycosis

There are a few symptoms that might make someone think that they have contracted Onychomycosis. The main symptoms will appear on the problem area and these problem areas are usually either the finger or toenails. You might experience discolor, disfigured and also thick nails. If you have anyone of these symptoms then it is highly recommended that you go and see your doctor for a diagnosis. If you get it diagnoses correctly sooner rather then later then this will help you to solve all kinds of problems that might occur in the future. This skin infection is not something that should be taken lightly, if you think that you do have this skin infection then go immediately to your doctor. They will help diagnose the problem and will then prescribe you with the correct medication.


Having to diagnose Onychomycosis is not very hard for doctors. They would more then likely have seen this skin infection before and they are trained to give their patients the right diagnosis for their problem. The doctor will obviously check either your finger or toe nails and then they will be able to diagnose the problem as quickly as they can. If you are suffering from Onychomycosis then your doctor will give you a prescription for some oral antibiotics that will try to clear up the skin infection. You have to complete the full program even if the problem does go away. Not completing the program can result in the skin infection getting worse or even returning after it has disappeared.

Treatment for Onychomycosis

There is treatment available for Onychomycosis and this will come as a welcome relief to many people that have been diagnosed with this skin infection. This kind of treatment will help people overcome this skin infection. If you are diagnosed with Onychomycosis then your doctor will prescribe you with oral antibiotics. Of course it can be hard to treat this skin infection because of the fact that the nails grow very slowly and receive very small amounts of blood supply. There is another treatment that is available to people that suffer from this skin infection and it is more of a liquid that can be administered to your finger or toe nails. Obviously you will have to use all of the treatment otherwise it is very likely that the problem will come back.

Summary of Onychomycosis

This skin infection is very horrible to the patient that contracts it. You will have painful experiences doing things that would have been easy before you contracted Onychomycosis. Thankfully though there is a treatment available and it has been known to help out patients who are suffering from this skin infection and they can then go on to make a full recovery. People who suffer from this skin condition have been known to always make a full recovery so if you get this skin infection then it isn’t going to stop you from doing the things that you like. Just so long as you get it looked at as soon as you notice it.

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