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Perioral Dermatitis is an often red, bumpy and slightly scaly rash that occurs around the mouth. Perioral Dermatitis can cause itching and peeling around the areas that are infected. It is a facial rash that can or may spread around the eyes and nose. This skin disease is a problem that can affect young women and it is known to sometimes affect men and sometimes children. The name of this skin disease comes from the names given to the mouth and the rash that will appear on your skin if you contract this skin disease. Perioral is a name that when used can refer to the area that is around the mouth. Dermatitis is a name that is usually given to the rash that will appear on your skin. There is only one area that can be affected by Perioral Dermatitis and the area is around the mouth area, especially the lines that run from your nose to your lips and chin. But it has also been known for the areas around the eyes and nose to become infected with this skin disorder.

Symptoms of Perioral Dermatitis

The most common symptoms of Perioral Dermatitis are a rash around the mouth area, which may spread to the eyes and nose. A slight itching, burning sensation and even a mild peeling can be felt. Sometimes a tight tension around the affected area is also experienced. It does however not extend anywhere else on the body.


Age Group

This facial rash often occurs in young women and it may
come and go over time. It seems evident that there may be
more than one cause of this facial rash Perioral Dermatitis. The most common and proven main cause is the use of creams that are made with tropical steroid is perhaps the most common and proven main cause. Another cause can be the steroid sprays that are medically prescribed. These sprays are often used to help alleviate blocked noses through inhaling them. The detrimental side effects can be Perioral Dermatitis. Within the same field of facial medication, skin irritation and the excessive use of facial creams can lead to the unsightly facial rash. Some other causes can even be rosacea. Fluorinated toothpastes and oily skin are also culprits that act as catalysts to Perioral Dermatitis

Diagnosis and Testing

Perioral Dermatitis is diagnosed by a dermatologist through examination. It is a common facial disease which can be seen. However is any type of doubt does arise it can be taken in for further testing. However it has been known for a blood test to be carried out, this is just to eliminate the other skin conditions that sometimes resemble Perioral Dermatitis, so the doctor will use the blood test to eliminate the other skin conditions that might make the doctor confuse this skin condition with something else.

Treatment for Perioral Dermatitis

Fortunately Perioral Dermatitis does not require extensive treatment. It has been medically proven to respond positively to the type of treatment allocated to it.

Treatment normally consists of the patient discontinuing the use of creams with topical steroids. Sometimes and mostly often, you are required to stop using sunscreen and cosmetics. Often when this is done, the rash worsens tremendously before it even starts to get better. This is highly expected but it is recommended that no creams high in tropical steroids should be used on the affected area. This is due to the fact that the rash will most likely reappear again. Water alone is to be used on the facial rash. When your face shows signs of improvement you should then use a non-soap face wash. A program of oral antibiotics should be taken, the antibiotics program will last for six weeks or sometimes even longer and these will be prescribed to you by your dermatologist or medical practitioner to assist with the treatment of Perioral Dermatitis. You have to complete the full-course of antibiotics otherwise you could experience problems.


Patience often easily recovers from Perioral Dermatitis while on the anti-biotic treatment. However it is also feared that this disease can also be chronicle, as some patients often experience a return of the rash once they discontinue the anti-biotics. But the same treatment procedure is then repeated

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