Pimples on Scalp: Painful Pimples and Treatment

What to do of Pimples on Scalp?

Pimples and acne can be frustrating enough, but when you get them on your scalp they can be almost impossible to live with. They itch and they are hard to get to buried underneath all your hair. Scalp pimples typically involve the hair follicles becoming inflamed. The effects of scalp pimples very and there are many scientific names to describe the condition, but most of the time scalp pimples resemble small, extremely itchy pustules that you usually notice when you are combing or brushing your hair. Once these pimples become infected then they become a major problem.

Cause of Scalp Pimples

Doctors aren’t sure what exactly causes scalp pimples. In certain cases they do know that micro-organisms such as yeast, mites or bacteria can thrive in the scalp environment which causes scalp pimples to breakout. If this is the case then many doctors will prescribe topical antibiotics to kill the infection and do away with the scalp pimples. Most often doctors will prescribe either clindamycin or erythromycin. Other times doctors will go with an oral tetracycline to treat the infection from the inside of the body. In severe cases of scalp pimples a doctor may even prescribe the use of steroids. For milder cases of scalp pimples that don’t require medical treatment you simply need to practice good scalp hygiene and the problem will go away or you will preventing yourself from having to suffer from scalp pimples.

Treatment for Mild Form of Scalp Pimples

While a mild case of scalp pimples can be irritating and difficult to deal with they aren’t anything serious to worry about going to the doctor with unless you cannot solve the issue on your own. For mild cases you can start attempting treatment by applying any over-the-counter pimple solutions such as salicylic acid. The one major drawback that needs to be considered when using these products is the fact that products such as salicylic acid and benzyl peroxide are extremely dehydrating to the scalp and hair and also cause a stripping action of several essential compounds on your scalp and hair. Therefore, the use of these products may cause some adverse and permanent effects to your hair. The leas that can happen is a bleaching effect on your hair and some serious cases of hair loss have been reported. So for this reason use the solutions only in the affected areas of the scalp. Both benzyl peroxide and salicylic acid work by removing the dirt and oil obstructions that block your pores and cause scalp pimples. However, they are not of any long term benefit unless you use them along with other products such as topical medications or a good scalp hygiene regimen.

At one time many people thought treating scalp pimples with sulfur preparations was the way to effectively treat the condition. However, this is no longer the case. It has been found that the short-term abrasion of the skin causes the scalp pimples to come back in even stronger numbers. So sulfur products should be avoided at all costs when you are attempting to treat a scalp pimple condition.

Preventing Scalp Pimples

It is also essential that you practice proper scalp hygiene to either prevent scalp pimples from forming or to keep existing scalp pimples from getting worse. To do this consider using a hypoallergenic shampoo that is designed specifically for oily hair or skin. These shampoos will help eliminate the buildup of excessive oils which causes additional scalp pimples to breakout. Also local topical applications on the areas affected by pimples after you have shampooed your hair is the best option to get the top effect of prevention.
Pimples on Scalp

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