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To put it simply Pruritis is the medical term given to an itch. Of course if you have a severe and constant itch then you should get it checked out by your doctor, as they will be able to diagnose if there is something seriously wrong with your itch. There are many things that can cause itching on your body. Sometimes the feeling to itch will pass after a few seconds, or as soon as you scratch the itch you will then lose the sensation to itch. Other forms of itching can be an allergic reaction to something that you are wearing or used. Obviously if you get an irritation on the skin then you will want to get rid of it anyway you can, so you will inevitably scratch it. Itching can also come from an insect bite or even sun burn. All these reasons for itching can be very bothersome to the person that is feeling this need to seemingly constantly itch.

What to Expect

To be blunt what you can expect from Pruritis is a lot of itching.
However if you do continue to relieve yourself by constantly
scratching the problem area, then this could lead to a lot of problems in the future on your bodies skin. The problem area that is causing you to constantly scratch yourself will soon start to turn red and you will be even more irritated by the problem. The effects of constantly scratching can also lead to your body breaking out in sores and in some cases you will also experience an infection on your body’s skin. If you do suffer from Pruritis then you will know that trying to sleep during the evening’s can seem to be almost impossible. People that suffer from this skin condition find that they are constantly tossing and turning all night long. Also they are scratching so they just cannot get a good night’s sleep. This will of course show the following morning as they will look drained and their mental attitude will be slow.

Age Group

The age group which Pruritis attacks is unknown in most cases. Every one gets the urge to itch and some people are more prone to scratching then others. If you suffer from dry skin then you will know that constant itching seems to become part of your daily life. However people who do constantly scratch for long periods of time can develop skin disorders like Pruritis. It does seem to be that the elderly are more prone to the skin disorder Pruritis. This is not known why but there does seem to be more cases of this skin disorder in the elderly rather then adults, teenagers and children.

Diagnosis and Testing

The diagnosis of Pruritis can be hard to diagnose. There are so many other skin disorders that just narrowing it down to one can be a long journey. Doctors are taught to narrow it down for us, but they may have to take blood samples and other treatments to complete the diagnoses. Also they may need the blood test to help them with their diagnosis. Because of so many other skin conditions they do have to be careful. If you complain to the doctor that you are scratching a lot, then they may look at an allergic reaction to something or even an insect bite or maybe poison ivy. So diagnosing Pruritis is not an easy thing to do.

Treatments for Pruritis

If you are a sufferer of Pruritis then there are a couple of treatments available to help you. However these treatments may not help you to stop scratching but they will help sooth your body a little and hopefully deter you away from the scratching that you have become accustomed too. The main treatment that you can use is moisturizers as they can help to cool down the problem area and then let you relax slightly. Also there is calamine lotion, which can act as more of a soothing helper then stopping the itching. These should only be used if the itching belongs to one part of the body.


The main point to remember is that itching does not mean Pruritis all the time. There are many other causes of itching such as dandruff, dry skin and even insect bites. So there is no real reason to worry if you do develop an itch. If you are worried then a quick trip to your doctor may put you at ease. Blood test may be taken to eliminate other options and not to suggest that you do have Pruritis.

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