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Sebaceous Hyperplasia Treatment

Description of Sebaceous Hyperplasia

Sebaceous Hyperplasia is a skin disease that affects the patients face. The patient will start to notice small growths. These growths will usually be yellow. It is important to understand that this condition is not dangerous to the patient and will not seriously endanger them. This skin disease shows that the patient has an overgrowth of some of the glands on their face. As described before it isn’t dangerous but it can be embarrassing for the patient as they will suffer a big confidence knock and will not want to go outside as much as they usually would. But there is treatment available for this skin disease and the patient should see their doctor straight away.


Vulnerable Age Groups

There is an age group that does seem to be more vulnerable to Sebaceous Hyperplasia then any other age group. The most vulnerable age group seems to be men in their middle ages or slightly older ages. You can be pretty confident that no one who is young will contract this skin disease because it will not come into effect until they are older. So older men that have a history of this skin disease in their families should be aware of this skin disease cropping up at any time and if it does crop up then you should go to your doctor to get some medication for the growths, if you feel that you need the medication.

Causes of Sebaceous Hyperplasia

Whatever causes Sebaceous Hyperplasia is unknown but it can tend to run in families that have a history of contracting Sebaceous Hyperplasia. However there is some relief from patients as they will find out from their doctor that this skin disorder is not contagious. It will be a welcome relief to hear that from their doctor. But the patient will mainly just want to know how to get rid of this skin disease. Of course seeing as though it does appear to run in the family maybe the patients parents would have told them all about what might happen if they get this skin disease.

Available Treatment for Sebaceous Hyperplasia

There is treatment available for Sebaceous Hyperplasia although many people believe that there is no need for treatment as the problem will go away on its own. But a lot of people who contract this skin disease do not want to wait for the problem to go away and instead they will insist on receiving treatment from their doctor. The doctor will be able to prescribe some cream or gel to help with the skin disease. This cream or gel will be called tretinoin and you will have to use it daily on the problem areas. This cream will be able to help the problem from getting worse but it does eliminate the skin condition slowly so you will have to make sure that you do use it every day. You can also use a rather powerful drug that is called Accutane. But once you stop using it then the skin disease might come back. So you will have to keep using this drug regularly to make sure that you will not contract Sebaceous Hyperplasia again.


If you do contract Sebaceous Hyperplasia then you will not have to worry about anything except recovery. This skin disease will not cause you any future problems and everyone who gets this skin disease will always make a full 100% recovery. So it is widely known by doctors all over the world that Sebaceous Hyperplasia is benign. This is of course a small relief to the patient but they would have known that already. Most people that have a skin disease that runs through their family will do a check on it so they can be prepared. Also they will know what to expect and what to do if they do contract this skin disease from their parents.

Summary of Sebaceous Hyperplasia

Sebaceous Hyperplasia is known to cause some embarrassment to the people that do contract it. They do not like to be seen in public some of the time and they would rather wish that the medication that they receive would just start to take immediate effect. But some people will still do what they used to do and they will not let this affect their day to day lives.

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