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Skin Tags - How to remove and get rid of skin tag? - Treatment and possible home remedies

Skin tags, or acrochordon as is the proper medical term, are small flaps of skin which protrude outward from various areas of the body, mainly the face, armpits, abdomen and groin areas. Skin tags occur more frequently on persons who are of middle age and more women than men get skin tags. These skin tags are usually not cause for worry by the individual possessing them; however, the person who has these blemishes may want to have them treated and removed for cosmetic reasons. Because there are no symptoms related to skin tags, doctors may advise individuals to do nothing with regard to these abnormalities unless they truly want to. However, your skin tags may become irritated and inflamed should they constantly be brushing up against clothing or in areas of friction from other body parts and movements.

Skin Tag: To Remove or Not To Remove

Many individuals ponder whether or not they should go ahead with having their skin tag removed. There are a few things to consider that may help make this decision a little bit easier. The first consideration when deciding whether or not to have a skin tag removed is whether the skin tag is visible to others. If so, having the skin tag removed may be a more viable option. However, if the skin tag is hidden for most of the time by clothing it may not be that important to have it removed. Sometimes the skin tag will be hidden but often irritated by clothing and other parts of the body. In this case, the individual may consider removing the skin tag.

Another consideration often given by individuals thinking about removing their unsightly skin tags is whether the procedure is worth the money. If the individual has health insurance that covers this type of procedure, this may not be that big of a consideration. Alternatively, if the individual wishing to have the skin tag removed is uninsured, that person should do a cost/benefit analysis to see whether or not this cosmetic procedure is worth the money.

One last consideration that individuals want to keep in mind is whether the skin tag removal is worth the trauma of having this type of procedure done. Although skin tag removal is not a dangerous or ultimately scary procedure to have performed, it is one that may cause some discomfort, both physically and mentally. Because the doctor uses a freezing or cutting technique to remove the skin tag, there will be physical discomfort while the blemished area is healing. Some individuals also experience a type of mental discomfort if they are particularly uncomfortable and fearful at the doctor’s office. For this category of individuals, possible home remedies may be considered. One should weigh the effect these discomfort levels may have on them and their decision whether or not to have their skin tags removed might be an easier one to make.

Treatment and Removal Techniques for skin tags

Should the individual choose to have their skin tags removed then there are a few options the patient might consider when looking into the situation a bit further. When the person who has these skin tags affirms that they want to have them removed, their doctor may recommend a few different treatment options. The first thing that can be done to remove a skin tag is to eliminate the problematic tag by tying or cutting it after a local anesthetic has been given. Another procedure often used by doctors to remove skin tag blemishes is the freezing method where liquid nitrogen is applied to the skin which freezes the skin tag. Eventually the skin tag will dry up and fall away from the skin on its own. This freezing technique is often used for other blemishes such as benign lesions and warts.

Possible Home Remedies for Treating and Removing Skin Tags

Possible home remedies have been on the market for a while and state they can adequately and permanently remove skin tags. These are usually comprised of a combination of various herbs and herbal remedies. The problem with using these types of herbal home remedies is two-fold. One, the individual using this product does not know if the product is safe or not. Additionally, some of the ingredients listed within a product of this type may not be readily known and therefore may cause further problems in the individual using such a method to rid themselves of skin tags. The second problem with trying one or two of these herbal home remedies for skin tag removal is the fact that the consumer does not know if it will work. As herbal remedies can often be costly, one does not want to pay for something of this sort and not have it work in the long run.

There are many home remedies sold today and often these herbal remedies are sold over the internet. The consumer should be a bit cautious about choosing one of these remedies and opt on the safe and effective side by seeing their doctor if they truly want to have the skin tag removed.

End to the Skin Tag Dilemma

Skin tags are a frequent cosmetic problem that the bearer need not be ashamed of. It is good to be aware of the fact that these are almost always benign blemishes that should not cause the individual large amounts of worry. If the presence of the skin tag is seriously disturbing to the individual who has it, then taking a trip to the doctor may just be the best bet. By going to the doctor for an evaluation, the person with the skin tag can review their possible treatment and removal options with the physician and then make an informed decision as to whether or not they should remove the skin tag. All in all, it is a quick procedure and not a very painful one at that. Cosmetically if skin tag removal would make an individual feel better then it is beneficial for the individual to take a little time and consider doing so.

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