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Tinea cruris treatment and cure

Tinea Cruris is commonly known as jock itch or ringworm of the groin. This is an infection brought on by fungi.

To understand how this develops and what can cause an infection you must first understand that our bodies have a variety of bacteria and fungi normally living on various parts of our bodies. Most of these are helpful but others can multiply very quickly and cause infections. Tinea cruris is when a certain type of fungus begins to grow and multiply in the groin area.

Tinea Cruris is most commonly found in adult men. Many times along with Tinea Cruris you can have athlete’s foot and even ringworm in other areas of your body. This fungus that causes Tinea Cruris loves warm and moist areas and can grow very quickly in these areas. It can be brought on from friction from clothing and prolonged wetness in the groin area or on your feet. This wetness can be perspiration.

Tinea Cruris can be contagious if one person comes in contact directly by skin to skin contact or in contact with unwashed clothing. Normally Tinea Cruris does not develop around the scrotum or penis and basically stays in the upper thigh area and creases in the groin area. Tinea Cruris can spread to the anus and cause severe itching and discomfort. Tinea Cruris is not a severe disease but may last a long time.

Tinea Cruris is not the only cause for itching in the groin area for men. Other causes can be Lichen simplex chronicus, eczema, public lice and chemical irritation. The signs of Tinea Cruris from a physical stand point include itching in groin, in the skin folds of the thigh and anus. Tinea cruris will appear with red, raised, scaly patches that can blister and ooze. These patches usually have very sharp defined edges with the outer circle redder and the inner circle near the skin color. It can appear as a circle or other patches. It will also appear to have abnormally dark or light skin.

Your doctor can diagnose Tinea Cruris usually by just the appearance of the skin, but sometimes may wish to examine more closely with either a culture or skin lesion biopsy. This can be done by scraping the skin.

Tinea Cruris can usually be cured within two weeks with self care and no prescription medications. The best procedure for clearing up Tinea Cruris is to keep the area clean and dry, apply topical over the counter antifungal lotions or drying powders. Good examples of these are Lotrimin AF or Micatin. The best antifungal or drying powders to use are ones that contain miconazole, clotrimazole, or tolnaftate.

If the infection is still present after two weeks of self care you should visit your doctor. This could mean that the infection is severe and requires stronger medication such as ketoconazole or terbinafine and sometimes oral anti-fungals medications. Bacterial infections can also be present which require oral antibiotics, these bacterial infections can be brought on from scratching the itching area.

Complications that may arise with Tinea Cruris include permanent change in the skin color of the affected area, secondary bacterial skin infections, and side effects of medications.

There are a few ways in which you can help prevent Tinea Cruris and they include keeping the groin area clean and dry. Do not wear clothing that can irritate or rub the groin. Do not wear tight fitting clothing especially rough textured clothing. Wear underwear that is loose fitting. Wash athletic supporters often. After bathing, apply antifungal or drying powders if you are prone to Tinea Cruris. Wash and dry the groin area well, especially after exercise and apply powder to help absorb perspiration.

Since athlete’s feet can accompany Tinea Cruris it is also best to use precautions against this as well by keeping your feet clean and dry. Remember to dry between your toes after bathing or swimming and apply a powder such as Micatin or Zeasorb. Wear shoes that allow your feet to breathe such as leather shoes or sandals and always wear cotton socks that will absorb the perspiration and change them twice a day to keep your feet dry. Use a good powder on your feet and also in your shoes. Always wear tongs or sandals in public showers, never go barefoot.
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