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Toothache Pain Relief

Where are the pliers?

The pain in your mouth is unbearable you are seriously thinking about taking a pair of rusty pliers out of your toolbox, getting the best grip possible, closing your eyes, taking a deep breath and yanking that troublesome tooth out of your head just to get some Toothache relief.

That may sound a little drastic but anyone who has had a Toothache knows that you are probably willing to do just about anything to get Toothache relief except going to the dentist because you’re afraid of the drill.

But what else can you do? You’ve heard about a thousand different home remedies from a thousand different people about Toothache relief.

What causes Toothaches?

Before you can find a good home remedy for Toothache relief you should know what causes a Toothache in the fist place.

You may think you know what causes a Toothache but you would be surprised. Of course the most common cause is a cavity, cracked or broken teeth. However, there are other causes for a Toothache and if you are seeking Toothache relief you should know what is causing your Toothache pain.

Sinus problems can cause a Toothache.

Migraines can cause Toothaches.

TMJ is another cause of Toothaches.

Believe it or not, even stress can cause a Toothache.

There are holes in my teeth?

For this article we are going to keep is simple and say that a cavity is the root of all your pain and the reason for seeking Toothache relief.

Everyone should know what a cavity is but incase you don’t here is a quick and simple explanation. A cavity is a hole in your tooth that has eaten its way through the outermost coating on your tooth called the enamel. This cavity will continue to eat away at your tooth until it reaches the nerve endings which cause a lot of pain.


Who cares what a cavity is. How do I get Toothache relief?

Now that you understand what is causing your Toothache you can begin to explore a home remedy for Toothache relief.

Home remedies for Toothache relief are in such abundance that we will only mention a few of the more popular remedies. But before we do, it should be mentioned that Toothache relief means that these home remedies are only for temporary relief of pain until you can get to your dentist for a more permanent fix.

The bark of a butternut tree was used by the Native Indian for Toothache relief. Make sure to clean off all the ants and termites before applying to gums and it might also be a good idea to ask your dentist before using this method.

Apple juice, figs and raisin, supposedly you grind them all up in a blender for a scrumptious drink. Oops, sorry this is for constipation.

Saltwater mouthwash

A gentle massage on the gums is believed to be helpful because the nerves can only carry one sensation at a time. Wash hand first before massaging.


Ground pepper

Coke syrup; don’t know where you’re going to get this at.

Taking one or two aspirin every three or four hours should relieve the pain. But you shouldn’t put aspirin directly on your gums because you might get aspirin burns and not only that but it taste awful.

And last but certainly not least whiskey on the gums is said to be good for Toothache relief for teething babies and for adult. For adults however, swallowing is optional.

How to avoid eating an aspirin sandwich

The best way to get Toothache relief is to see your dentist or to avoid getting a cavity.

Avoiding a cavity seems impossible these days especially for a kid or an adult that loves the sweet stuff. But it’s not just the sweet, sugary things in life that get us into trouble. Improper dental hygiene will cause you to seek out Toothache relief.

However, brushing alone will not keep those pearly whites clean and healthy. To keep them clean requires the daily ritual of using mouthwash, flossing and brushing, two or three times a day if necessary and going to see your dentist at least once every six months. You know the same stuff you’ve been told about since you were a kid.

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