4 Tricks to Make Normal Make up Look Airbrushed

Everyone is left in awe of celebrities and models when they walk out because of their flawless skin. Of course, they use make up on their body and face but the results are much different from your make up results at home, even if you use top quality brands. What is the reason for this? The reason is a technique called airbrush make up.

The main benefit of airbrush make up is its ability to cover every little imperfection of your body from tiny freckles to scars. The coverage is the main advantage, apart from the flawless and porcelain skin that you get afterwards. You can either invest in a quality airbrush make up kit or you can use some tricks to make normal make up look airbrushed. The following points will help you –

1. Use An Airbrush Gun –
This is the most important tool for airbrush technique and can be purchased from any beauty store. It is a part of airbrush make up kits as well. When you apply foundation to your face, use the airbrush gun instead of your usual brush and sponges. The gun holds the liquid that is sprayed on your face without direct contact and mists over your skin in a thin layer. You can do the same for applying eyeshadow and blush.

There is, of course, a technique to using the airbrush gun perfectly. The motion should be circular and you must not linger on a spot for too long. Hold it at a distance of 6 to 10 inches from your face and use a light hand when you spray.

2. Try Mineral Make up – Mineral make up has the ability to cover blemishes because its tiny crystal particles stick closer to each other when applied to the skin. The end result of applying mineral make up appears better because there is a luminous glow to the skin that gives a nice fresh look.
For foundation, use a mineral powder one that can be applied using a large powder brush. Mineral blush and eyeshadow can be applied using a smaller brush. When you buff the make up on your face, use small circular motions to cover more area and achieve smoother results.

3. Always Use Primer – This is not only true for airbrush make up but a trick that is recommended for any make up you use. Primer is applied on your skin as a base and evens out your skin tone. It fills lines and pits with its gel like texture and is recommended because it helps the foundation spread nicely. The finish would be much flawless if you use primer beforehand.

Airbrush make up in its traditional sense can be pretty costly but the airbrush make up kits are a bit affordable. The above tricks are for those of you who want to try airbrush make up look before investing in a makeup kit to test the basic results.

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