5 Tips to Wear Hair Extensions the Right Way

Long hair is always in fashion. There are many different types of styles that you can choose from if you have long hair. You need not be able to style your short hair or give it a new look, but it doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on them. You can always use hair extensions. You can buy hair extensions from the market, attach it to your natural hair and style your hair. No one will ever find out that you did that gorgeous hairdo with the help of hair extensions. Given below are five tips that you should keep in mind when using hair extensions -

1. The Hair Extension Should Match Your Natural Hair

When you are buying hair wefts from the market make sure that it looks exactly like your natural hair. Synthetic or natural, the hair extension should have the same texture and colour of your natural hair. If it isn’t, it will be clearly visible and you will definitely attract attention for the wrong reason. Go to the shop and spend some time trying to find extensions that match your hair completely.

2. Buy Hair Wefts And Get Clips Attached To It

You may not always get good quality hair extension with clips on them. You can therefore buy hair wefts from the market and separately buy the clips for it. Then go to your tailor and ask him to sew the clips, one on either side and one in the middle. Choose a length that you want, do not spend unnecessarily on a long extension when you are going to cut it off while styling.

3. Secure The Clips On To The Root Of Your Natural Hair

There are chances of the clips slipping out of your hair strand and if that happens, your whole style goes for a toss. To avoid this embarrassing thing from happening, you should tease your natural hair. The clips have to be secured at the root and so use a teasing brush to tease this part of the hair. This will make the hair rough and give a good foundation for the clips to hold on.

4. Place Your Hair Extension Clips Underneath A Layer Of Hair

Do not show the world that you have used hair extensions. For this reason, you should attach the hair extension clips under a layer of hair. Separate your hair into two sections. Tease the hair on the lower section and place the clips. When you are pulling your hair up for a style, place your clips carefully so that the clips cannot be seen from any angle.

5. Get Help From Your Experts

If you are getting hair extensions for the first time you can visit http://www.thats-the-look.com/hairextension.aspx to find out more about hair extensions and get help from your stylist while using the hair extensions. Ask your stylist for some handy tips to help you learn.

Keep these five tips in mind when using hair extensions and be ready to get that trendy hair you always wanted.

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