Acne Problems for Teens – Moving Beyond Skin Problems

Ask any parent what they feel about the presence of acne on their teenager’s face and they will tell you that it is a cosmetic problem which their child regards as a hindrance towards their sense of style and fashion. Does it mean that the extent of acne problems have no other far reaching effects except on a teenager’s life between ages thirteen to eighteen?

In case you have also been thinking that your teenager child’s acne problem is nothing beyond cosmetic and there is no need to worry, the findings of a new research will shock you. Here are 2 additional problems that acne scars cause to teenagers that are far worse than cosmetic problems:

1. Acne Causes Depression

No matter how frivolous and immature the cosmetic problem of acne sounds to you, for a teenager it is far more than that. Not only does it have damaging social consequences but there are a host of other acne related problems. Teens who face the problem of acne scars, primarily on their faces which happens to be the most visible part of the body, not only face motivational issues due to a lack of self-esteem but this problem works in a vicious manner to give rise to chronic and clinical depression in some cases.

The problem arises with the fact that with the problem of facial acne and its apparent cosmetic implications, the acceptance that your teenager enjoys in school goes down and soon he or she finds himself without friends, partners and playmates. This leads to a sense of isolation which in turn gives rise to depression.

2. Other Psychological Problems

Depression is just one aspect of the problems that the presence of acne causes in teenagers. The research has found out that the effect of acne scars on the face of teenagers can not only cause depression but result in far worse psychological problems like their confidence taking a blow, anxiety, with dire consequences like fall in grades, thoughts regarding suicide and even attempts of suicide

As the research suggests, and the same opinion is housed by many doctors and specialists of child psyche and skin care specialists that psychological treatment and counseling must be considered an integral part of any acne treatment regime and the parents must take extra care to try and spot the symptoms of these psychological problems in their teenage children.

Remember that a healthy doctor patient relationship is of extreme importance in case you are looking at a psychological remedy to the problem your child has been facing along with the dermatological treatments.

You can go through a number of acne treatment reviews in order to zero in on the treatment that you think is the best for your teenager and then go ahead and ensure that you incorporate the psychological aspect to the treatment also. Treating this problem at the earliest is the best gift you can give to your child!

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