Anti-aging Times – Sag-Proof Your Skin

Now that you’re in your early 30s, no wonder you have started to see some signs of aging already. True, it isn’t easy to deal with that first sight of wrinkles or dark spots, especially when future doesn’t look too bright with the sagging skin and other such anti-aging problems to follow.

“Oh gosh, I hope not!” you may shriek in your mind. But that’s not going to change anything. Does it? Sure, a lot many breakthrough treatments for brown spots and wrinkles are now available. But having a skin firm for years to come when you’re already past 30 is a whole new challenge.

Karyn Grossman, MD, the dermatologist from Los Angeles says that most women are usually happy with the way their faces look at the age of 30 as they still have some roundness and slight contouring about them. The tricky part is – how to keep them from sagging?

Preventing your skin from getting loose

With the deterioration of elastin and collagen (the two main fibers that offers the bounce and resilience to your youthful skin) in your 30s, the bones and the muscles that support your facial skin also begin to shrivel slowly with time.

This causes a few areas of your face to lose its plumpness or volume faster than others, Heidi Waldorf, MD, a NYC based dermatologist suggests. To fight these anti-aging effects without any surgery, you can try your luck with a lot many at-home tricks to address your slack skin issues at the cost of peanuts.

The basics…

Put on SPF 30 daily and keep on reapplying it all through the day. Then try on a topical antioxidant to keep off free radicals.

Smoking cuts away oxygen to your skin, wrecks elastin and collagen, and brings down your estrogen levels, which are very important for firmer skin.

Higher insulin levels from alcohol leads to low-grade inflammation, which accelerates sagging, says Joshua Zeichner, MD, the NYC dermatologist. One or two drinks twice a week should be enough for you.

Peptides and Retinoids work for the night

These verified collagen boosters enhance cell renewal process. Take the strongest retinoid that you can endure. It doesn’t matter of it’s available on prescription or over-the-counter. The intensities of Rx formulas are different and they normally move up in their strength, starting from Retin-A and Differin to the Tazorac.

To avoid irritation, use moisturizer to dilute the formulation. Or, take doses less frequently and work it up at night daily.


Slough off your skin cells for better effects of repair treatments. You can find mild scrubs that have ultra-fine beads. Or, a thorough yet gentle electronic cleansing brush can also be a good investment.

Firm up your eyes, neck, and chin

Carelessness in tender years can cost your skin dearly when you cross your 30s.


Fine lines and crow’s feet due to sun damage are soon noticed, spoiling the beauty of your eyes. De-puff and reduce dark circles under your eyes by using caffeine-rich eye cream.

For firmness over time, buy the cream that has retinol or peptides. To get the quick, temporary lift, put on the frozen green tea bags on your eye lids for a couple of minutes and see the difference. The inflammation of the eyes will soon reduce because of caffeine and antioxidants, giving you beautiful eyes that look as fresh as ever, naturally.

Injectable fillers (like Juvederm and Restylane) are your dermatologist solution to add volume to the pouches under your eyes and plump up your under-eye hollows. The pressure put on fibroblasts by these fillers kick start new collagen growth.


Your jawline and chin usually soften when you’re in your 40s. Rx Retin-A, peptides and over-the-counter retinoids work best for toning and firming. Do not underestimate the need to have healthy teeth as well. Bone loss in your gums and poor teeth can lead to lesser support for your skin.

Botox, Xeomin, or Dysport injections lessen dimpling over the chin and lift corners of your mouth. Restylane, Perlane, Juvederm, Sculptra, and Radiesse, are the fillers that reshape the jawline and the chin, and add volume to your temples and cheeks.


Here you can see the signs of aging in your late 30s or any time after that. The skin here is thinner than your face’s skin. Everything that form a part of your every day complexion kit from retinoids, sunscreen, peptides to sunscreen all work for your neck.

Botox injections give a more youthful appearance as they soften the platysmal bands. Ulthera is a treatment based on ultrasound that tightens and lifts sagging skin. Thermage is also a skin-tightening procedure that’s used to firm your skin.

No one likes to look aged and mature. Although there’s no permanent fix to this natural process of aging, advancement in technology and our age-old natural remedies can definitely reduce the pace with which signs of aging shows on your face.

Many people have always been conscious about wrinkles and dark spots, thinking that there’s nothing that can be done about sagging skin. But now they know that taking care of sagging skin can reduce their age to almost half their actual age.

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