Color On Pro’s Eye Envy Rhapsody in Grey

This kit has grey-based shades for a summery and smoky eye look. It is best for the evening and the eye shadow is waterproof and crease proof. It last for a long time too.

Best Use – For Evening wear

Ingredients - Pure mineral, Manganese violet, Chromium oxide green, silica, mica, starch, titanium di-oxide, and ultra marine iron oxide

Directions for use

1. Close one eye and place the applique on the eyelid.
2. Hold it in place with two fingers.
3. Smooth it from the inner corner of the eye to the outer edge for a darker application. Pat it gently for a lighter one.
4. Peel the applique from the eyelid.
5. Blend the colors of the applique with your fingertips to get the desired look.
6. Apply GetSet Powder over the eyelid with the brush that comes with the kit.
7. Repeat with the other eyelid.

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