How to Get Healthy and Pretty Nails?

A tidy and beautiful personality is pleasing to everyone’s eyes. Beauty doesn’t only imply to face and hair. Beauty implies to every tiny part of your body, including your nails. Everyone likes nails that are well-maintained and polished. In fact, clean nails stand as an epitome of healthy personality and mentality.

Many of us tend to ignore the fact that nail care is as much important as caring for any other part of our body is. Are you worried because your nails are brittle? Is peeling of nails making you jittery? Wonder what can you do about it? If yes, then reading this article will surely be like discovering a hidden treasure for you.

You can take care of your nails on your own! No need of doing rounds of the salon or fixing appointments with experts. Just by keeping a few things in your mind and being a little careful, you can blow back life into your nails! Here are some tips that will help you get the healthy nails you have always craved for:

1.Drink Plenty of Water: You must have heard this hundreds of time but if you try it even once, it will prove beneficial for your overall health as well as the health of your nails. Proper water intake helps in hydrating damaged and dry nails and cuticles.

2. Have Multivitamins Regularly: Vitamins can do wonders for your nails. Taking calcium and multivitamin supplements daily can help you fight brittle nails which are caused due to lack of calcium, Vitamin A and Vitamin C. If you include protein also in your diet, you are surely to make your nails healthier.

3. Give Your Nails Regular Massage: Massaging your nails enhances the blood flow in the cuticle which allows your nails to grow longer and stronger. Massage your nails and cuticles daily using massage oils and moisturizing lotions. Massaging your nails immediately after washing your hands helps in retaining moisture.

4. Stay Away from Nail Polish Removers: Overuse of nail polish removers can result in damaged nails. The acetone in nail polish removers makes the nails dry and brittle. Thus, it is best to stay away from regular use of nail polish removers.

5. Don’t Exploit Your Nails: Don’t use your nails as tools. Take care of your nails as you do it for your face and hair.

Just taking care of the top surface of your nails isn’t enough. You will have to nourish them from deep within. A healthy diet can help you in this. Have a balanced diet and include lots of vitamins and minerals in your food. This will ensure that your nails look young and beautiful for eternity.

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