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Blush makeup warms with the heat of the body to an intense hue, use cosmetic facial blush powders sparingly while applying makeup for a healthy look

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The magic of blush powders is obvious. Blush makeup is fast-fix beauty, it warms up the skin, contours the cheek, exaggerates an attractive hollow, and ideally creates a glow on your face that looks like it comes from within. Never judge a blush powder just by looking at it. Cosmetics and face blushes are found in different shades and textures. Test your blush powder on the inside of your forearm if you are wearing make up already.

You need to make two tests to find the right blush powder or cream blush that will be the right color. First, the right color will look natural and the wrong one will stand out. The second test is the intensity of the color. If you are fair, you want just a hint of color, the more translucent the better. If you are strong in coloring, with olive or dark skin, you need greater depth and intensity with blush powder to bring out your good looks.

As you get older your skin needs more creams to retain it's natural oils and cream blush can really help you prevent looking washed out. Tips for facial beauty include, use a good brush applicator, grin like a fool, brush your blush powders lightly over the apple of the cheek, with short, up and down movements and finally you can apply a light stroke across your forehead by your hair line. Supply your skin with discount cosmetic facial blushes for a rich creamy cheek color.

Blusher Tricks


The bottomline for the right blusher application is that it should look natural.

. Place your index and middle finger vertically against the side of your nose. Start putting the blusher from near the edge of the outer finger, going up to the temple.
. If you have broad face (square/round) apply the blusher on your cheekbones and do not brush it up towards your ears.
. Dab blusher (just a bit) on each earlobe. It can add a glow to your face if you pull your hair back or have short hair (such that the earlobes show).
. Don't forget to add a touch of the blusher on your chin and forehead to help give the natural look.


It is better to avoid blushes that are too bright or dark for your skin colour. Says Bobbi Brown, a renowned US-based beauty consultant - "The right blusher for you should be the same colour your cheeks are naturally when you're really healthy." To flatter your skin tone, choose a blush colour that will give a natural healthy glow.

Color tips
. Fair skin - beige, tawny and pink tones.
. Olive/Yellow-toned skin - warm brown, almond and copper shades.
. Dark-skin - plum, auburn and deep bronze shades.
. Tanned skin - orange, apricot, peach and coral shades.


How often have you seen other women with just a bit too much of blush? The ideal way to use blush is to use it in a way that it looks natural. Unlike eye make up and lipstick, a blush is like foundation (base make up). It is not meant to show. The best way to ensure that your blush doesn't stick out like a shaded outline of your cheeks always apply blush before your eye make-up and lipstick. Otherwise, it will be competing with your eyes and lips and that is when you will apply too much. Also, ensure that you are standing in front of a well-lit mirror. Otherwise you will apply too much simply because you were not able to notice the colour yourself. If you are not sure still, apply no more than 3-4 brush strokes. It is unlikely that you will go wrong with that.


If you've applied too much blush don't worry - all you've got to do is take a dry clean make-up sponge, rub gently over your brush strokes to take the colour out. You can soften colour even further with translucent powder, and redo with a new, subtler blush shade.

Recommended Blush Powders

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