Beauty Solutions With Vodka

Vodka shots have been used to heat up the body in the cold weather. However, are you aware that it can also be used to give your hair and skin beauty treatment? It is an effective way to spruce yourself up. It eliminates bad odour and will keep you smelling fresh all day long.

Vodka For Skin

Tip - Use Vodka on the skin directly to cleanse it.

You have been told time and again to use an astringent to tighten up the pores of your skin. Vodka is something that can be used as an astringent. It not only tightens up the pores but also cleanses the grime and dust that accumulates on skin.

To give your skin a vodka shot, saturate a ball of cotton with vodka and apply on your skin. Do this twice a day and watch the pores of your skin shrink and your skin glow with health.

Tip – Use a coffee filter to strain the liquid for a clear decoction.

Adding a shot of vodka to your regular shampoo not only makes it squeaky clean but also gives it a bounce. It is also know to stimulate hair follicles, encouraging growth of new hair.
It is also an effective cure for dandruff. Rinse your hair with a cup of Vodka seeped in 3 teaspoons of rosemary that has been crushed and left overnight. Strain it the next morning and massage only the rosemary mixed vodka on the scalp.

Vodka For Feet

Tip – Wash your feet with vodka after a workout to keep them smelling fresh.

 Smelly feet will no longer be a problem when you wash them with straight vodka. Alternatively, give yourself a pedicure by soaking your feet in water to which a half a cup of vodka has been added.

Vodka For Mouth

Next time you take a vodka shot, remember that it is also a good mouthwash. You can make your own mouthwash at home by steeping 2 cups of vodka with 1/4th cup of cinnamon for a week in an airtight container. Strain it after a week and add an equal quantity of warm water to it. It makes a good mouthwash.

Now when you have leftover vodka from a party, keep it aside and use it for your beauty treatments. 

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