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Understanding the concept of a face mask

Why use a face mask:
Using Face MaskThe face is the part of the body that demands a lot of attention; this is why it is very important to maintain your face using face masks. A face mask is not something new; it has been around for quite some time to make your face attractive and healthy. With a face mask, it is possible to get skin that is sure to become the face of envy wherever you go as the skin becomes finer textured and has a better tone.
With aging, the human face experiences premature wrinkles and aging, along with fine lines on the face. This is why it is necessary to follow a good skin care regimen where you have to use good quality products having active ingredients. With the help of a face mask, it is possible to boost the skin, and negate stress that everyday life brings to your lives. The face pack not only contains a high percentage of active ingredients but also helps in the removal of impurities and provides the skin with a fortifying lift to help enhance the quality and texture of the skin.
There is no point in using an occasional face mask as the required results will not be realized this way. It is important to use face masks at least twice a month, especially in summer and winter when the heat and cold takes its toil on the skin. There are many types of face masks available in the market today. However it is preferable and better to use home made face masks and not the commercial and manufactured face masks. This is because these face masks always have chemicals and preservatives.
Though it may be difficult to choose the right face mask, it is important for you to choose the right face mask for yourself by the ingredients used in making the face masks. Age is not a factor when choosing the right face mask for yourself; its ingredients help you decide on the right face mask. The mud masks are effective in smoothening the skin while there are other face masks that prove to be effective in curing acne problems. Whichever the face mask, it is great for the skin as it helps tone and smooth skin.

The Do's and Don'ts of a facial mask

A facial mask will provide its maximum benefits if it is evenly applied so that the entire face is covered. Of course, you have to avoid the eye and mouth areas. With an uneven application of the face mask, you find that the effects of the face mask on blood circulation in the mask are hindered.
Do's Dont's of Face Masks
Make it a point to leave the mask on for the suggested period of time, as defined in the product or face mask recipe. The different face masks for different face skin types have to be left on for different spans of time for its effect to take place. This is because if the face mask is left on for too long, it tends to cause an excessive stimulation to the skin.

It is basically better to use a face mask once a week; however if this is not possible, at least once a fortnight or once a month. however using it on alternate days is not advisable as it only spoils the skin complexion instead of improving it.

Tips to make the most of your face mask

Tips on applying a face mask

Once you have decided on a face mask, it is important that you apply it properly to experience its best effects. Most important, it is advised not to use fingers when applying a face mask. Instead have some qualitative brushes ready to use for the face mask. Prior to applying a face mask, you have to knot the hair back or have it gathered in a scarf or use a headband to prevent the hair from falling on your face.

When applying face masks, remember not to restrict the face mask to the face alone as the neck, shoulders and arms too should be remembered. These areas also take lots of beating and need some pampering and regular care.

Applying Face MasksMake sure you wear clothing that does not cover the neck area. Apply face masks using brush or strokes and avoid sensitive areas like the lips and under the eyes. If required, you can use a mask cream on the mouth and eyes to prevent the face mask from reaching them. Remember to never apply the face mask on cracks on the face. On applying the face mask, you have to leave it for 20 minutes for drying.

Remember not to speak or laugh when you have the face pack on. In fact, it proves to be beneficial to take this time to rest and relax while the pack dries and does its work on your face. After drying, it is possible to remove the mask by rubbing it from the face and mask and then gently moistening with clean water. If you use a peel off mask, remember to rinse the face with lots of water.

Tips to a successful face mask

With a face mask, you get to clean the skin from deep inside. This is because it helps in improving the blood circulation in the face, and with this, helps in the improvement of skin renewal. With the massaging and application of a face mask, you find that the skin becomes much smoother, elastic and fairer than it was before the face mask. In fact, facial skin becomes more translucent and provides a healthy glow.

Successful Face Mask
It proves to be beneficial to do some massage to the face before applying the face mask as it maintains a youthful and smooth skin. This is because it stimulates the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the skin and thus, the elasticity of the skin is improved. This leads to a healthy epidermis and dermis too. In fact, it is very easy to tell the difference between a person who does facial regularly and those who don’t.

Ordinary washing of the skin cannot remove the particles that are embodied in the skin, and which cause acne and rash. However with a facial massage and mask, the temperature of the skin tends to increase, and with it the pores get opened and the particles, removed. This is why massaging is considered to be the aerobics of the skin.

Face MaskWith a mild massage, the temperature of the skin increases and this improves the blood circulation. The ingredients found in the massage formula tend to function effectively on the skin and proves to provide a relaxing effect to the face. It is a known fact that aging brings with it a worsened blood circulation. This is why it is necessary to do some face massage to induce blood circulation to the face.

Then the grand finale is reached with the face mask. The face mask can be considered to give a sauna effect to the facial skin. This is because with the complete covering of the skin, the temperature of the skin tends to increase, which leads to improved blood circulation. Then the ingredients in the face mask work effectively to enhance the radiance and look of the face.

What you need to make a face mask

Equipments you may need when making a home made face mask

Equipments for Face MaskOf course, the main thing needed to make face masks are its ingredients, and most importantly, fresh ingredients. However in addition to the ingredients, there are some equipment that may be needed like a plastic bowl to mix the ingredients in. it is better to use a freezer safe plastic bowl as there are some face masks that have to be frozen and can be reused. This is why you need a bowl that can sustain low temperatures.

It is also better to choose a bowl with a lid as leaving bowls open in the fridge only leads to the changing of the composition of the face mask. This in turn leads to you ending with less than desirable effects with the face mask. You also need a spoon, preferably a wooden spoon which will not interfere with the chemical processes of a face mask mix.

Face MasksBuy a good quality cotton cloth or face towel that you will be using quite often. It is always better to use a 100% cotton towel. Sometimes, you may have to have a food processor or blender nearby as some face masks need to be blended using a food processor. An oatmeal based face mask is a face mask that needs a food processor to grind the oats.

And of course, you need the patience and will to experiment and try with the various home made face masks available. You only need a few minutes to make a good face mask and if you find that one does not work for you, you just have to try on another. There are quite a few home made masks for you to choose from.

And for enhanced effects of the face mask, it is important to use some of the facial exercises. This is the best kept anti-aging secret that helps give a better result with the face mask. Even a round of face massages wouldn’t be bad as they give great results to your face too.

The range of face masks available

Different types of face masks

Face masks can be divided based on the effects and benefits of the face mask and can also be classified based on the type of skin type it is most suited for. Here is a compilation fo the different types of face masks found in the market, according to its ingredients.

Mud face masks

Mud Face MasksThe best face masks for oily skin are the mud face masks or clay face masks. This is because the clay face masks tend to fry up shortly on applying it to the face. These detoxifying face masks help in the opening of clogged pores and the removal of blackheads as they tend to absorb the excess sebum found in oily skin. These face masks have to be rinsed off using cold water and then scrubed from the face. With this, the face becomes free of dirt and the circulation in the face is boosted.

Tips on understanding firming face masks

Firming Face MasksThe firming face masks are usually available in cream or gel form. They have to be massaged into the contours of the face which are much looser than preferred by you. With the regular use of these face masks, you find that the wobbly flesh on the face gets firmed up. This is the best face mask for older women having skin where its elasticity is lost. With a firming face mask, the skin surface gets refined and tightened.

You can make a great firming face mask using almonds and milk. First you have to soak almonds in milk overnight and then grind the almonds in the same milk the next morning. Make sure you take off most of its brown skin. Grind into a paste; however make sure it does not become too runny because of too much of milk. As almonds are rich in vitamin A, which is a great moisturizer, the skin and milk both work in improving the complexion while naturally cleansing the skin. This helps in tightening the skin and in the removal of wrinkles.

How to emit radiance using a radiance face masks:

Radiance Face MaskThe radiance face masks are face masks that use vitamins and diffusers to add some glow to the dull and lifeless skin you have. This face mask helps in moisturizing and toning facial skin which makes it look smooth and young. After using a radiance face mask, you find that the complexion of the skin becomes luminous and glowing.

A typical radiance face mask is one with a ripped banana, honey and sandalwood powder. Mix the sandalwood powder with the mashed banana and honey to form a thick paste. Apply the face mask and leave it on for ten minutes. Then rinse with water and notice the glow on your face. With this face mask, you find that it works as a deep cleanser which provides a natural glow to dull and dry skin.

How to hydrate yourself using hydrating face masks

As the name implies, the hydrating face mask helps in moisturizing the skin and thus helps in soothing the skin that is moisture starved. With the hydrating face mask, natural oils of the skin are restored and the hydro lipid film of the facial skin restored.

Tips on using Peel off masks

Peel Off MasksThe peel off masks is face masks that are usually gel based. You have to apply this face mask to the face, leave it on for about twenty minutes and then peel off when dry. These face masks are great for tightening the skin as the open pores are closed and the skin, smoothened. When peeling off these facial masks, it is important that it is peeled off from the chin and lifted upwards. These face masks are also efficient in the removal of dead cells, facial hair and blackheads too.

Now we have a classification of face masks based on the skin type it is best suited for.

Understanding the different types of face masks for different skin types

Different skin types call for different face masks

Clay Face MaskClay face masks are made using fuller’s earth as the main ingredient in it. Then there are orange face masks, gel masks and cream masks. The clay mask is best used to dry the skin. It has to be spread to the skin surface where it helps in absorbing the excess oil and dust particles found in the skin. With this, the skin gets tightened while blood circulation is stimulated. However it is not advised for people with sensitive or dry skin to use a clay mask as it may cause discomfort. It is the people with greasy and harsh skin that benefit the most with clay masks.

Tips on using a gel face mask

Get Face MaskWhen using a gel mask, it is important that the skin is cleaned and then allowed to dry. Once it dries in about ten to twenty minutes, you find that you can roll it off, like a second skin. When peeling off these face masks, make it a point to start peeling from the chin and then work upwards. The benefit of this face mask is that not only dead cells get lifted, but even blackheads and facial hairs can be removed. The gel mask can be used on any type of skin ranging from normal to dry skin, and even in combination skins. However the disadvantage of this face mask is that it cannot absorb body oil like the clay mask can.

How to use a cream face mask

While using cream face masks, the consistency of thick cream that it provides helps in providing a youthful look to the skin. However it is not advisable for use on young and oily skins as this face mask has lots of oil in them.

Cream Face MaskThere is no point in using face masks too frequently as it only upsets the balance of the skin. When using face mask, it is necessary that you apply the face mask that you choose on your face, and then wait for some time till it dries out. Within this time, you are sure to find a little tightening in the skin. This is nothing to worry about as it is quite normal with a face mask. On feeling the tightening of the skin, you have to give yourself another few minutes before rinsing your face. You can remove the face mask either using water or using a wash cloth; the choice is yours. Once the face mask is removed, dry your face and then moisturize it as some moisture is lost from the skin through face masks. This is why it is not advised to use face masks too frequently.

Tips to buying the right face mask

Commercial Face MasksLearn about commercial face masks

There are numerous types of face masks in the market today meant for different skins, and produced from numerous companies. This is why the first time user of face masks finds it rather difficult to choose the right face mask for their face type. It is necessary to do some research and reading to help decide and choose the right face mask for your face type.
If you have a dry to normal skin, it is necessary that you use a nourishing face mask. This provides the necessary nourishment that is absent in the dry skin. If it is oily or greasy skin that you have, then you could consider using face masks with clay like the ZIRH’s face mask.

A person suffering from blackheads, but does not have acne and pimples should choose a grainy mask. However if you have acne, it is not advised to use a grainy face mask as this mask can spread the acne. Peel off face masks gives amazing results for all types of skin types.

Personalized Face Mask
Tips on creating a personalized face mask

Different people have different skin types. This is why many people prefer using personalized face masks. Home made face masks give a better effect than a commercial face mask found in the market as you use ingredients you are sure will not cause any problems to your face. Moreover, personalized face masks don’t have the chemicals that the commercial face masks often have.

Face masks for dry skin

Different types of skin call for different types of home made face masks. People with dry skin usually have skin that is flaky and dull looking in the cheek and eye region. This is why this type of skin needs constant moisturizing. This is why it proves to be better to wash your face with milk and oatmeal instead of soap. The milk acts as a nourisher while the oatmeal acts as an exfoliator. The only thing soap does is to further dry the skin.

How to make face masks that fits dry skin

Dry Skin Face MaskIf you need extra nourishment, you could make a pack of a mixture of about ten almonds, four tablespoons of full cream milk, two spoons of oatmeal, two spoons of china clay, a mashed avocado and the juice of half a lemon. Apply this mixture on the face and leave it on for 20 minutes after which you have to dampen some cotton wool with cold milk to wipe it off. Then splash your face with cold water, apply some light moisturizer and take a look at your rejuvenated dry skin!
If you have dry skin, then it is better to try out a coconut mask or the tomato pulp mask. To make a tomato face mask, you have to crush some tomatoes and drink the juice. The pulp then has to be spread over the face where it tightens the skin and closes the pores. This is a face mask that works at refining your skin from the inside.

For the coconut mask, you need sufficient coconut oil to spread on your face and some rose water for rinsing. First you have to massage the coconut oil gently to your face. Then you have to take a towel and after dipping it in hot water and wringing it out, spread it over your face. It is better to lie down when doing this as the circulation will help absorb the oil. This process has to be repeated four to five times and then the face has to be rinsed with warm water. Rose water is then applied to remove all traces of oil and to give some additional shine to the face.

How to make a homemade face mask for dry skin

Homemade Face MaskThis homemade face mask uses honey and avocados which are particularly moisturizing in character. Take ½ an avocado and ¼ cup of honey. You then have to mash the avocado into a bowl, wherein you stir in the honey. This mixture has to be applied to the skin and left for ten minutes. Then you just have to run a wash cloth under cool water and rinse your face. Your face looks much moister than before.

Then again there is a milk mask that is best for dry skin. This is a recipe that provides enough for two face masks. Take a teaspoon of powdered milk and aloe vera gel and a tablespoon each of almonds that were pulverized in a food processor, and runny honey. Mix all these ingredients well, along with two drops of essential oil, and apply to your face. Leave the face mask on for about 15 minutes, and then wash with warm water. There is a great difference in your face texture with repeated use of this face mask.

Some face masks for dry skin

Face Masks for Dry SkinThe milk cream and turmeric mask is a great face mask for dry skin. You need ½ teaspoon of rose water, 1 tbsp of thick milk cream or a pinch of turmeric powder for this face mask. You first have to add a small pinch of turmeric powder and the rose water to the thick milk cream. This has to be applied to your face arms and left for a couple of hours. Then you have to bathe with warm water and soap and wash off all the cream to leave your skin radiant and glowing.

The multani mitti face mask of course, uses Fuller’s earth and cream. You just have to make a paste of multani mitti or Fuller’s earth and some cream and spread this mixture on the face. This has to be left dry for an hour and then the face washed with cold water. Just see how fresh and clean your face looks now!

Face MaskThe honey and egg yolk mask is a great mask for dry skin. You need a tsp of egg yolk and a tsp of honey along with a few drops of olive oil or Vitamin E oil. The honey and egg yolk has to be mixed and then the olive oil or Vitamin E oil mixed to the mixture thoroughly. This mixture has to then be spread on the face evenly, and let to dry for about half an hour. You then rinse and dry it to find your skin displaying a new radiance.

For the honey and oatmeal mask, you have to mix some ground oatmeal with honey and apply evenly on the face. This face mask then has to be let to dry and rinsed off to find a new radiance to the face.

Tips for nourishment of dry skin

Dry skin can be treated well using honey with rose oil. This combination is very effective in treating wrinkles and puffiness in the face. You just have to combine two tablespoons of honey, 2 teaspoons of sweet almond oil and 3 to 5 drops of rose essential oil to form a mixture. You then apply it to your clean face and neck, to relax for about fifteen minutes. Then you just have to rinse with tepid water and pat dry and relish the results.

Now the world of face masks for oily skin

Tips for face masks for people with oily skin

Oily Skin Face Mask
It is possible to recognize a person with oily skin with the constant shine that the skin emits. This is because oily skin has lots of sebum that prevents the skin from drying out. However there is a disadvantage with oily skin that it accumulates much more dust and dirt than dry skin.

People with oily skin are advised to clean it with just soap and water. Use warm water to rinse the dirt, and then cold water to rinse the skin. Astringents and toners are required for oily skin, along with non-greasy light liquid cleansers.

There are numerous face masks catered for those with oily skin like the cucumber and milk mask and the honey mask. To use a honey mask, you have to first dip your fingers into a bowl of fresh, warm water and then dip it into honey. The honey has to be spread over the face and throat using upward movements while avoiding the eyes. Let the honey get absorbed into the skin and then wash it with warm water. You will find your skin glowing like pearls.

Cucumber Face MaskThe cucumber and milk mask is the perfect mask for lightening the skin, cleaning and toning it and for getting rid of sunburn. You first have to extract the juice of a cucumber. Keep the pith for use later as an extra cleaning material. Then add the white of an egg and some milk powder and rose water to the cucumber juice to give a beautiful smell to the face mask. This paste should then be spread over the face and neck where you are provided with toning and moisturizing to the face. Leave it on for a few minutes and then wipe it off using the pith. This is a great face mask for women of all ages and is completely natural with no side effects.

How to use Fuller’s earth as a face mask for oily skin

Fuller's Earth Face MaskThe Fuller’s earth mask is another great mask for oily skin. You need about 1 tablespoon of fuller’s earth and rose water to make the solution for this mask. This paste has to be spread over the face, especially if you have blemishes on the face or if the face is greasy. If you don’t have rose water, you can always use witch hazel as a substitute. The orange mask is also a good face mask for oily skin.
To make this mask, you need half a cup of oatmeal, some glycerin, a little egg white and the juice of half an orange to make a paste. The egg white has to be beaten, and then the oatmeal and juice has to be added to it. The glycerin is used to moisturize the skin while the egg white helps get rid of wrinkles. The orange juice acts to feed the skin. This mask is wonderful in opening pores and to rejuvenate greasy complexions. So this mask can also be used by people with normal skin.

Another mask effective in rejuvenating oily skin is the Kaolin mask. To make this mask, you need 3 tsp of kaolin and half a tsp of rose water, glycerin and tincture of benzoin. You can find both kaolin and tincture of benzoin in the drug shop. On making this mask, it has to be applied with a brush, to be left for 30 minutes and then washed off using warm water. With this face mask, you find that your skin appears soft and smooth and emits a glowing color.

How to make a face mask for oily skin using strawberries and oatmeal

Strawberries Face MaskAnother face mask for oily skin is to take some raw oatmeal to be mixed with lemon juice and a lightly beaten egg. Apply this mask and leave it on for a few minutes and wash. You find that it works wonders to you oily skin. Strawberries too are very helpful for oily skin as it helps in maintaining balance in the skin.

Using a handful of strawberries, you have to crush them and apply on the face for a few minutes. Wash off and feel the difference. Honey is something that is very good not only for dry skin, but also for oily skin. Use a mixture of a teaspoon of honey and pureed peach, apply it, wash it after a few minutes and realize the difference in your skin.

How avocado helps those with oily skin

Avocado Face MaskAnother face mask popular amongst people with oily skin is one with avocado. Take a teaspoon of lemon juice, the white of an egg and half an avocado that is mashed into a pulp. Put all the ingredients in a blender to get a green mixture. Wash your face and neck thoroughly and apply the face mask. Relax for about 20 minutes and then rinse and pat dry. Using a skin tonic or cold astringent after the face mask works wonders too.

Another great oily skin face mask is one where you mash six strawberries with a teaspoon of brandy, two spoons of breadcrumbs, a few drops of rose water and two spoons of fuller’s earth. Mix all these ingredients well and apply the thick layer on the face and neck and leave it on for about 20 minutes. It is the vitamin C and the acidic properties found in strawberries that leave the skin sparkling clean. The breadcrumbs help in exfoliation while the fullers’ earth tightens the pores. The brandy is added to provide that extra glow to the face.

Some additional face masks for other skin types

Face masks for those with normal skin

Just like dry and oily skin, there are many masks useful for use on normal skin. The avocado pear mask is one of them where you have to mash or liquidize half an avocado pear with a teaspoon of sunflower oil. This mixture has to be applied to the face and neck while avoiding the eye and lip area. Leave this mask on for about ten minutes and then wash it off using warm water.

Face Pack for Combination SkinFace pack for those with combination skin

Then there are some people who have a combination of skin types. These people usually have oily skin on the nose and forehead while the skin around the eyes and cheeks are dry. In such cases, it is necessary to first clean the central region using astringent while the rest of the face has to be dabbed with cold milk.

Then a face mask of half a cup of powdered dry peas, three spoons of curds, the juice of one lemon and half a cup of papaya pulp has to be made. This mask has to be applied for about 20 minutes after which you have to wash your face using ice-cold water. It is even better to rub the T-Zone area with an ice cube that is dipped in rose water. By doing this, enlarged pores and blackheads are prevented. You could also try freezing a tray of rose water ice cubes so that you can rub your face with them whenever required in the day; preferably after a bath as this is when the pores get opened.

How to make a face mask for sensitive skin

This yoghurt face mask is very good for sensitive skin that tends to sunburn, chap or irritate easily. All you need is a cup of natural yoghurt, just taken out from the fridge and ½ cup of oatmeal. The ingredients have to be mixed together, and then applied on  be left on for 15 minutes. You then have to wash off the mask using a warm wash cloth.

If you find that you don’t have yoghurt in the house, don’t fret. Substitute it with Pepto-Bismol as the agents here that soothe your stomach are also effective in soothing your face. In addition to being useful for sensitive skin, with some alterations, this face mask can be used for other skin types.

If you have oily skin, just add a few drops of lemon or lime juice to the mixture and apply. And if you have dry skin, add a couple of tablespoons of honey and apply on the face. You will feel really rejuvenated after using this face mask.

How to get rid of a ‘muddy complexion’:
Get rid of muddy complexion
The benefit of using mineral rich mud in a face mask is that it helps in drawing impurities from the skin, while feeding it with nutrients. Moreover, it tends to leave the skin looking refreshed and luminous on removing the face mask. It is not difficult to get the powdered mud or clay for this recipe as it is available in your local health food store.

You need ¾ cup of powdered green or bentonite mud or clay, ¾ cup of non-carbonated mineral water and 2 tablespoons of powdered seaweed, which is an optional ingredient. All the ingredients have to be mixed till you have a paste and then you apply the face mask and relax, for about 20 minutes. Then rinse with warm water to follow with a toner or witch hazel that tends to remove all remnants and acts as a moisturizer for your skin type.

Tips on using fruits for rejuvenation of your face

How to use strawberries to rejuvenate your face

A strawberry face mask is very soothing and provides the right punch to whisk away dirt and dead skin while delivering botanicals that soften the skin. You need a cup of strawberries, 2 teaspoons of baking soda, an egg, a tablespoon of honey, a tablespoon of plain yoghurt and ¼ cup of almonds to make this face mask.

Strawberries All these ingredients have to be combined using a blender or food processor and then gently massaged to the face and neck. This face mask has to be left on for 3 minutes and then rinsed with tepid water. Follow it with a splash of cool water and use your favorite moisturizer to get the best effects of the face mask.

The next fruit you can use to rescue your dull and congested skin is the wonder fruit, the pineapple. The pineapple has the enzyme called bromelain that is very effective in lifting dead skin cells and debris from your face. So you can try this face mask, when you find that your skin looks dull and just seems to lack its luster.

You just need ½ cup of fresh pineapple chunks and three tablespoons of cold pressed, virgin olive oil. These ingredients have to be blended till smooth and then applied in a thin layer to the face. You then lay back, relax for five to ten minutes and wash off the face mask. You will really wait for the second opportunity to use the face mask.

How to beat the heat with a face mask

Face MaskSummer is a season that gets on everyone’s nerves. This is because no matter where you go, it is only the summer heat that zaps you and your skin of moisture. It is the people in the arid climates that suffer the most. So why not try to beat the heat using this cucumber and honey face mask.

The cucumber is mostly water, but in addition to it, it also has vitamins C and A and the mineral silica that is important for the building of connective tissue. And honey is a humectant that promotes water retention which gives this face mask the powerful hydrating punch that you need for your parched skin.

You need a peeled and seeded cucumber and some organic honey. The cucumber has to be pureed and blended till smooth with a few drops of filtered water till the mixture is smooth. The extra juice has to be strained for a minute, and then transferred to a bowl to be mixed with a spoonful of honey. This mixture has to be refrigerated for about ten minutes and then applied to a clean face and neck. Then just plop down on a chair, place thin cucumber slices on your eyes and think of something cool for 15 minutes. Then rinse and follow with a moisturizer.

A face mask can make you look much younger

Anti aging masks to get rid of wrinkled skin

Wrinkled Skin Face Mask Aging is a natural process in a human being. Though it is not possible to stop the process of aging, it is possible to improve the skin condition, especially of the face using anti aging face masks. The oatmeal mask is a great anti aging face mask that should be used every alternate day. To make this face mask, you have to mix two tablespoons of oatmeal with half cup of milk and then cook till it becomes soft. Then you have to add two tablespoons of olive oil, which has to be beat together. Allow this mixture to cool and then spread it over the face and neck. Leave it on the face for about twenty five minutes and then rise with lukewarm water. You are sure to find your face look rejuvenated and younger after using this face mask a few times.  
A great anti aging face mask can be prepared using the white of an egg and honey. You have to first beat the white of an egg with honey and then apply this on your face. However make sure that you don’t get too close to the eyes. With this anti aging face mask, you get to keep your skin soft and moisturized and in the process, prevent wrinkles.

After whichever face mask you use, you have to use a toner to bring out added beauty in you and to tone up the skin. There are many toners in the market you can buy, and perhaps even make a skin toner at home. A good toner for oily skin is a teaspoon of vinegar and two tablespoons water. This tones the face to make it look fresh and supple.

Tips to make your skin look young

Look younger This is a great face mask that works well for maturing skin as sugar, its main ingredient, is a natural exfoliant. In fact, it is the sugar that softens the lines of the skin that tends to form on the skin with aging. This is a very easy to make face mask, that can be whipped up in a jiffy.

All you need are three tablespoons of sugar and four tablespoons of warm water. You just have to dissolve the sugar in water, making sure that all the granules are dissolved. Otherwise the skin may end up torn. Then apply the mixture to the face, and gently massage on the skin. Rinse and feel much better and younger.

The multiple benefits of a rejuvenating face mask

Rejuvenating Face MaskA face mask is very effective in rejuvenating the skin and making it look much more relaxed and better. Many people follow a regular regime of using face masks once or twice a month. Then of course, a face mask is also used as preparation for a special event with the intention of bolstering the way the skin looks. With this physical improvement in your looks, you find that your confidence tends to improve.

It is possible improve the facial texture while finding a means of minimizing the pore size with regular and periodical use of face masks. Remember that this is possible only if and when face masks are used on a regular basis. Of course, using a face mask for the first time will definitely make the skin look better. However if you intend to refine the skin texture, it can and has to be done with the patient and continual use of face masks.

Relaxing Face MaskHow to improve the look of your skin with a relaxing face mask

You will find that your skin looks and feels much better after using the relaxing sort of face mask. In addition to this, the skin tends to rejuvenate and get well toned. This makes it all the more reason to use a face mask. With regular use of face masks, you find an improvement in your skin tone and color, and with your regular use of face masks you find that it helps in the prevention of signs of aging. This in turn leads to a permanent foothold on your skin.

Different ingredients in the different commercial face masks play different roles in the rejuvenation of the facial skin. It has been proven that horse chestnut extract plays an important part in counteracting the filtration of veins and capillary. This makes it possible to prevent the veins leaking in the body tissue. Horse chestnut extract is also useful in improving the formation of collagen and also acts as an anti-inflammatory compound. The centella extract is also effective in improving circulation where it improves the supply of blood to the connective tissue and cures major skin problems. It also helps prevent aging, which in the process, helps in the revitalization of the skin.

Face masks to use on problem skin

The benefits of a problem skin face mask

Problem Skin Face MaskFace masks are not only used for the rejuvenation of the skin, but also to remove and cure any problems in the skin of a person. It is important to follow a daily skin care regime to fight pimples, acne and blackheads. With the help of a regular face mask, it is possible to achieve a clear and spot free complexion which helps in keeping your complexion clear, and create a boost in your confidence.

With the help of a specialized problem skin face mask, you experience two fold benefits. You first get to clean the skin by removing all pollutants and toxins from the skin. At the same time, you provide the skin with higher concentrations of active materials that proves to be effective in fighting problem areas quite effectively.

The kaolin based skin mask is the best problem skin face mask as it is this kaolin that helps in the removal of excess oil, dirt and sebum from the skin. The other active ingredients in the face mask target the acne and pimples in the face which helps in the reduction of redness, inflammation, soothing of irritation and softening of the skin. It also helps in reducing pain while promoting a much clearer skin.

Face MaskThe people with a problem skin of pimples and acne think that making the skin dry helps in solving the problem. So keeping this in mind, they use face washes, soaps and lotions that only strip the skin of its natural oils. With this, they not only eliminate the problem causing sebum but also remove all the oils and unwittingly cause themselves much more problems. This is because these products not only remove oils required to keep the skin lubricated, but also upset the acid mantle (pH) of the skin.

With the loss of required oil and the upset of the acid mantle, the natural defense mechanism of the skin is lost as well. This makes the face much easier and open to infections that may cause irritation to the skin and cause inflammation. Instead, it is important to manage pimples and acne by establishing a natural flow of the sebum, removal of the dead skin cells and use compounds to fight the infection of  prevent its spreading and formation of pimples and spots.

Find out how to rid your face of its problems

There are many problem face masks that you can try out to get rid of all those ‘problems’ on your face. If you have blemishes on your face, honey alone is great in removing these blemishes. You just have to apply natural honey on your face and gently massage it all over your face for about ten minutes. You then wash your face with cold water. Do this once a week or fortnight, according to the severity of your case. You are sure to find some changes, for the better, over a period of time.

Problematic SkinThe reason honey is effective in removing blemishes is that it has a high acid content in it. It is much better than the alpha hydroxyl face masks, and is safe for use in sensitive skin. If you have enlarged pores on your face, try out a face mask of lemon and orange juice.

Mix both the juices and apply on the face while giving upward and outward strokes. Leave it on for ten minutes and then wash. This is a face mask that is best for oily skin and in the long run, is also good in improving the condition of the large pores. Even try out ice of plain water for enlarged pores. Massage the face using ice for about ten minutes and you find that the pores get tightened and the pores look less visible.

If you have a problem of under eye dark circles, there is a problem face mask that improves the condition. You will need cucumber juice or tea bags or some mint leaves. You have to take some cotton pads and soak it in cucumber juice or tea bags that were soaked in iced water. Then apply these cotton pads on your eyes. You could also try crushing mint leaves and applying them on your eyes for under eye circles and relief from stress. This is a great face mask that has a cooling effect and is very relaxing to you.

Instant home made face masks

Homemade face masks that can be whipped up in a minute

Homemade Face MasksHome made face masks are made using natural ingredients like fuller’s earth, honey, skimmed milk, fruits, almonds, eggs, honey and vegetables. When making home made face masks, it is important that you use ingredients that suit your skin type. There are some people who may be allergic to some ingredients. So it is important to find out which ingredients suit you, and which you are allergic to so that you are sure of using a good face mask.

Eggs in the home made face mask offers great anti-oxidant properties while honey is good for soothing and hydrating the skin. With the help of lemon juice, you can tighten your skin, and get it bleached too. Yogurt and milk are both great in the softening of your skin while kaolin and fuller’s mask work as a base for your home made mask.

It is better for those with oily skin to use fuller’s earth. You can also add some essential oils to provide the necessary relaxation and rejuvenation through the face mask. Some good options for essential oils are sandalwood, chamomile, rose, lavender and juniper. Use them after checking out on their properties.

How to use Milk of Magnesia as a face mask

There are numerous ‘instant’ homemade face masks for you to choose from. Those with oily skin can try some Milk of Magnesia. It has to be rubbed on the face, and let to dry. Then rinse with lukewarm water to find all your oil absorbed as this absorbs oil effectively.

Milk of MagnesiaPeople with normal or combination skin should mix an egg, ½ cup of cooked instant oatmeal and a teaspoon olive oil till smooth. Then leave it on the face for about 15 minutes, and rinse. You are sure to feel refreshed and rejuvenated after it.

For dry skin, you have to mix an egg yolk, a teaspoon honey and a teaspoon olive oil with some Vitamin E oil. On smoothing it, leave it on for 15 minutes and then rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry. If you have even drier skin, you could add a dab or two of olive or any other light oil on the moist skin after washing it. You will get a face many people spend dollars to achieve.
A simple homemade face mask using crushed ripe bananas is great for keeping wrinkles at bay. You can tighten skin and close skin pores by using a face mask of a beaten egg white and ½ teaspoon of lime juice. If you have tired skin, relax and cool it using grated cucumber. It is possible to perk up dull skin by using a face mask of cooked and pureed carrots, blended with yogurt and lemon juice. If you have acne, use a face mask with mint. The oatmeal masks are quite efficient at removing dead cells and in the softening of the skin.

Benefits of using a herbal mud face mask

How to use herbs in a face mask

A herbal mud face mask, is as the name suggests, a face mask made of herbs that help beautify the skin. Herbal mud face masks are generally concentrated facial masks that should be used weekly for best results. The ingredients in a herbal mud face mask helps in boosting the health of the skin, reduces all signs of aging, helps to fight aging, improves circulation and creates wonderful changes on your skin.

Herbs in Face MaskA herbal mud face mask generally constitutes thermal mud with oligo elements, kaolin, herbs and botanical extracts that promote finer, smoother and younger looking skin. A herbal mud face mask is usually suitable for any skin type, and many a time helps provide a cure from skin problems. This is because it fights inflammation and minor infections and repair sun damage and photo aging while making the skin supple and firm.

The other herbal extracts in the herbal mud face mask helps in the rejuvenation and regeneration of the skin. This is because it boosts and supports the collagen and elastin found in the skin. With this, there is a decrease in the number of wrinkles and lines in the face. The collagen and elastin also works at prevention of the formation of wrinkles and lines too.

How to make home made face masks using herbs

There are some face masks that can be made using herbs which are easily found in Ayurveda and herb stores. These face masks are quite effective in not only providing a smooth complexion, but also in getting rid of problems on the face like acne and pimples. One such face mask is the silk cotton tree thorn paste that is good for the cure of pimples.

Face Masks using HerbsThe ingredients for this face mask are as the name implies big thorns of silk cotton tree and milk. You have to rub the thorns briskly and keep circulating them on a grinding stone that is easily found in Indian stores and temples. This has to be done while sprinkling milk at intervals. With this, you find that the paste accumulates on the grinding stone. You then have to apply this paste as a face mask and it soon removes pimples and its marks from your face.

Then there is the face mask made using split orange lentils (masoor dhal) that is very effective in giving a glow to the skin. You have to use split orange lentil flour that is available in Indian stores, ghee and some milk. Mix the ingredients into a face mask, apply it and see the glow of the face greatly enhanced.

How to make a home made clay mask that suits all skin types:

The ingredients for a homemade clay mask comprises of 1 ½ tsp of green clay, where French clay is the most preferred one and ½ tsp of kaolin clay. You also need 1 ½ tbsp of aloe vera gel, a tablespoon of rosewater and 2 drops of essential rose oil. Now you have to mix both the green and kaolin clays together and then add the aloe vera gel, rose water and oils. The face mask is ready for use now! This face mask can be refrigerated, and stored for a maximum of four weeks.

Chocolates and oatmeal have other uses than as food

Introducing chocolate as a face mask

Chocolate Face Mask
It is a known fact that cocoa powder is used in the manufacture of chocolate. However not many know that cocoa powder is also a strong and powerful anti-oxidant. It is very effective in protecting and freeing the skin from free radicals which can cause some damage to skin layers. Some people think that chocolate can cause acne. However this is wrong as it has not been scientifically proven as yet. In fact, dermatologists say that the cause of people eating chocolate developing acne is the milk that is added to it, and not the chocolate.

There are many variations to the cocoa powder facial mask recipe that requires cocoa, and not chocolate to prepare it. It is only because the phrase chocolate face mask is more appealing and interesting that it is referred to as chocolate face mask and not cocoa face mask.

The basic chocolate face mask recipes involves using 1/3 cup of cocoa and ¼ cup of honey with 2 tablespoons of heavy or sour cream and 3 teaspoons of oatmeal powder. All the ingredients have to be mixed till the mass is consistent and then applied to the face. It has to be gently massaged so that oatmeal starts exfoliating the dead skin cell layer. Leave this face mask on for about 20 minutes, and then rinse off using luke warm water. You will find your face turn chocloatey smooth and delicious to look at!

The mother of all masks; oatmeal masks

Oatmeal Masks
Oatmeal is basically a highly nourishing ingredient to use in a face mask. This is why it is found in many commercial skin care products. with the help of oatmeal, any red and irritated skin gets soothed while it also helps in the exfoliation of skin. It is always better to use finely milled oatmeal instead of coarse oatmeal. It is available at health food stores and in many organic stores.

The basic oatmeal face mask is with only about 3 teaspoons of oatmeal and warm water. This has to be mixed gradually till a smooth paste is formed. Then there is another face mask where you use 3 teaspoon oatmeal that is mixed with honey till a smooth paste forms. The oatmeal and yogurt face mask is another variation where you add 2 tablespoon oatmeal with 2 tablespoon yogurt. Mix in a bowl till you get a creamy concoction and apply to your face. Use it and feel the difference.

The grand finale to a face mask

With exfoliation and steaming, the effects of face masks are enhanced

Face MasksA face mask is very helpful in regenerating and rejuvenating the skin. However to ensure that the make up goes on smoothly, and that the face is kept clean, you have to exfoliate regularly. This is because with exfoliation, the dead skin cells are removed, to reveal the softer skin that is found underneath.

It is recommended by beauty experts to exfoliate once a week as too much of exfoliation only leads to the damage of the pH level of the skin. This may make the skin look dry and flaky. When exfoliating the face, it is not advisable to use exfoliating products used for the body. Instead, find and use a product that is meant for the face.

You could help yourself in exfoliation by using a gentle face scrub pack. You need milk, rose water and walnuts for this face mask. Make a paste using these ingredients; while ensuring that the paste is not too thin, but granular. With this face scrub, you can remove dead skin and get new and fresh skin.

When exfoliating, you have to first wet a washcloth as this adds to the exfoliating effect. Place the exfoliating wash on it and then rub in circular motions over the face while paying extra attention to the T-zone. After this, you have to rinse thoroughly and add lotion.

When it comes to steaming, it is not advised to steam more than a few times a week. Heat water but not till boiling point. To make things more interesting and pleasant, you could add some fresh herbs in the water to create a fresh scent. Mint and rosemary are quite good.

Then sit at a table with your face over the bowl, and place a towel over the head. Then place your face at a comfortable distance from the bowl such that you don’t get hurt from the heat but can feel the effects of the heat. This heat helps open the pores. On finishing steaming, rinse the face with lukewarm water and a wash cloth.

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