IntroductionOne of the ancient forms of healing technique is through massage therapy which was followed by all in the early times. There are several benefits of facial massages and it is also conveyed that simple and do it yourself massages done routinely can make the skin look firmer, smoother and younger always. This is possible as with massage, tension is releases, the fine lines and wrinkles are reduced, circulation increased, moisture balance maintained, impurities diminished, facial muscles tightened and finally resulting in a radiance skin.

The different ways through which massages benefit us are by making the skin smoother, radiant and also firmer. These are by:

  • Toxin and impurity release
  • Fine lines and sagging skin minimized and removed.
  • Tension released.
  • Radiance of the skin is maximized.
  • The moisture balance of the skin is normalized.

There are simple steps for facial massages which can be done easily at home. Otherwise there are many massage centers and therapy outlets which are present everywhere to get the real professional massage.

Facial massage has proved to have several benefits such as relieving migraine, premenstrual syndrome, stress, headaches and even sinus congestions. The entire massage may include either a portion of the body or the entire body. Facial massage is usually done with hands especially the fingers there are even devices which are used for performing the facial in spas and saloons.

Origin of facial massage
Massages have been used by people around the globe for various reasons such as for cosmetic enhancement, pain relief and also for several healing touches. This practice has been started from years back. A Chinese medical text which was written long back, about third century B.C is the first ever written proof of the entire massaging process. Apart from this, earlier medical literature of several countries such as India, Persia, Greece and even Japan also recorded the use of massage therapy.

There are two different aspects for the facial massage namely, Eastern therapy and the Western therapy. In Eastern therapies, the entire aspect of massage is a whole body massage focusing on the pressure points which are placed at neck and face. This helps to stimulate the blood and lymph flow. There are several exceptions where oils are not used for facial massage such as yoga, shiatsu and acupressure.

Benefits from Eastern massage:

  • Eyestrain relief.
  • Neck tension relief.
  • Meridian points stimulation on the face.
  • Premenstrual water retention relief.
  • Gall bladder and liver imbalances corrected.
  • Nervous disorders alleviated.

Facial massage western therapiesIn the Western therapies, the aspect of facial massage was recently understood during the twentieth century. It was more popular in the continent of Europe. From the European practitioners it was spread to other states by them as they taught them. The massage at these areas was considered to be the one related to the make up artist rather than the massage therapies.

Benefits from Western therapies:

  • Facial pain and headache relief.
  • Muscle tone and facial skin improvement.
  • Mental and physical relaxation.
  • Eye and facial muscle relaxation.

Basic Steps Involved In a Massage

Steps involved in facial massageFor beginning the facial message the cleanliness of the face is very important. This could be attained by cleansing the face with a good cleanser to remove any excess make up. Cleansing also helps in skin exfoliation and dead cells removal. The next step is the application of small amount of oil or moisturizer for the start of massage. Oil is very essential as it aims in providing a slippery surface for the entire massage process. Therefore, the skin does not get pulled by the fingers thus forming any stretches. Oil promotes the mildness of the massage on the face.


Facial massage western styleIn Western-style facial massage, the entire aspect of full facial massage which is to be a part of the whole body massage varies from the full facial treatment. This is to include techniques like steaming, masks etc. A normal body massage is t have a facial massage either at the commencement or at the ending of the entire massage therapy.

The most important feature of the Western-style facial massage is the effleurage which is the gliding movement present throughout the massage. The massaging should be done in such a way that the skin is not stretched out so the process has to be firm, gentle and stimulating too. The strokes which require a light pressure has to be directed upwards so as to give uplift to the face rather than the dragging the skin thus leading to sagging skin.
The distinctive steps involved in the usual facial massage are:

  • The most important thing being cleanliness and hygiene, the primary step is to wash the hands thoroughly with soap and water, so as to remove any kind of dirt. The customer should be asked to remove contact lens, if the person is wearing one.
  • Even though a facial massage could be done at any kind of flat surface like clean floor, the most comfortable position is to sit on a massage chair or on a massage bed.
  • With the help of facial sponges or wet cotton pads, cleanser could be applied and has to be massaged thoroughly to remove the excess dirt and to make the face clean for the facial massage. After the massage, the cleanser could be wiped off with the wet cotton pads which are even readily available.

Facial sponges

  • In circular symmetrical way, slowly massage the face and neck with cream or lotion to be massaged with. Each and every facial muscle has to be covered. Massage thoroughly in the upwards direction on the neck and also along the line of face.
  • Slowly reach the forehead with the back of the hands along with a slight pressure. Gently bring both thumbs side by side in the center and move them outwards slowly towards the temple. Repeat the massage as it relives any kind of tension which exists in the temples.
  • Circular symmetric way facial massagePlace the hands along the side of the face and apply light pressure along the hollow area beneath the eyebrows. With the help of the thumb, press one spot at a time under the ridge. Relieve pressure from the inner eyebrows to the outer region and continue the giving slight pressure with the thumb. Tensions headaches could be relieved by repeating this.
  • Cover the face with the hands bringing the thumb along the bridge of the nose. With the help of the thumb, slide down towards the nostrils and then along the line of the cheeks and also apply pressure on the way gently. On reaching the hairline, slightly start releasing the pressure. Then, move the hands towards the head and thus moving away from the face. Repeat the same two times.
  • Tension in the cheeks could reduce by producing circular slow movements along the contour of the cheeks.
  • circular slow movement facial massageAn enjoyable and relaxing massage is along the ear rim. Massage gently and slowly along the rim of the ear with the thumb and index finger.
  • Place your fingers firmly on the back of the neck and place thumb on a spot on the jaw line and then circle slowly at one area later on moving to another. Stroke away gently massaging on the chin downwards. End up by moving along the jaw line. The tension around the jaw muscles and mouth could be alleviated.
  • Scalp is also important so massage with small circular motions and the comb hair with the fingers so that tension could be released from the face and head thus enhancing the scalp.
  • End up by removing the lotion with the help of wet cotton pads. Apply the after massage cream.


In Eastern therapies, pressure is applied to specific points on the face so as to unblock or stimulate the vital energy flow into various meridians. There are certain points on the face which allows them to massage on.

  • For tension and eyestrain, massage along the nasal bone beneath the center of the eye: Stomach 1.
  • Facial massage eastern therapiesFor sinus and nasal congestion, at the base of the nose about 4cm below the stomach 1: Stomach 3.
  • For general tension and stress, along the corners of the mouth: Stomach 4.
  • For toothache, below the earlobe base about 4cm below it: Stomach 6.
  • For tension in the mouth and face, between the chin and the lower lip.
  • For eyestrain and headache, along the inner corner of the eye: Bladder1.
  • For head aches, about 2cm hollow into the outer corner of the eye: Gall Bladder1.
  • For dizziness, ring in the ears and for swollen eyes, directly in the front and above of the ear lobe: Gall bladder2.

There are different ways by which several problems could be solved up such as eye problems and also self-treatments. Yoga treatments are ensured, such as pressing the knuckles and palms at certain pressure points present around the eyes.


Certain precautions are to be taken while performing a facial massage and should not be done if various problems persist:

  • Precautions for facial massagePresence of scar tissue.
  • Bruised or inflamed skin.
  • If the customer is wearing contact lens, the person has to remove it before performing a facial massage.
  • Cuts, sores, boils or openings on the face.
  • Eczema, psoriasis or acne. It is because; the facial massage can worsen the situation even more.

Oils for massage

Oils for massageThe oils for massage depend on the skin type as different skin needs different oil for the perfect massage to take place. Nut oils or pure vegetable oils are essential for the process of facial massage. The effect of massaging with vegetable oils is to show for long as it absorbed into the skin slowly but they also do not clog up the pores.

  • For dry skin, the most essential of all oils is vegetable oils which are rich in saturated fatty acids. It is because of their thickness which lets them absorb more slowly to maintain the moisture content for longer time.
  • In case of oily skin, thinner oils are recommended which also are rich in polyunsaturated fats which could be absorbed easily by the skin.
  • In some cases, like sever oiliness, facial massage could be done without using any oil.

The duration that is recommended for a typical and perfect facial massage is only twenty minutes. Massages which last long are sure to cause stretches on the skin thus lengthening the facial muscles. In case of people with sensitive skin, special care is a must as their skin reacts spontaneously to rough treatments. During the massage, the therapist should not apply more pressure as sensitive skin gets irritated or damaged soon, so extra care is essential.

Need of oils

Need of oilsOils are essential for massage as they provide a slippery surface so that the skin is safe in your hands without being stretched or hardly pulled off. Nut oils or vegetable oils are used as they can be easily absorbed and also provide the perfect warmth. The pure vegetable oils do not cause any harm to the skin. They work without effecting the skin’s own oil production. Apart from this, the vegetable oils also have fat soluble vitamins along with the fatty acids. The best vegetable oil for massage is the cold-pressed vegetable oil as they are healthy and could easily be bought.

Oils and skin type

Oils and skin typeThere are oils rich in saturated fatty acids which are readily available and these are the best suited for dry skin. It is because of the thickness that they get absorbed slowly and also cut off the water loss more efficiently. In case of oily skin, thinner oils are preferred those which are absorbed easily. For these oils rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids are preferred. There are many carrier oils which depend on the skin type. They can even be perfumed while using them for facial massage.

  • For Dry or Aging Skin: Avocado, apricot, wheat germ or macadamia oil can be used.
  • For Normal Skin: Sunflower, almond, sesame or even olive oil can be used. Olive oil being a thicker vegetable oil, it has to be used with other thinner oil such as thistle oil for massage.
  • Oily skin: Peach kernel, hypericum or thistle oil could be used.

Anti-aging formula

Two major oils which could be used for facial massage to benefit anti-aging are borage seed and evening primrose. They are effective to all skin types. As they are costly, they could be used blending with any of the carrier oils stated. The proportion should be around one portion to every seven portion of the major oil.

Massage by Therapist

Massage by therapistTherapist knows everything about the skin on which they work. They have studied about different skin types and they know the dealings with each skin type. Gentle touch is what they have on your skin. The neck area is to be kept away always as pressure should be very gentle especially caring the neck area. The entire work of therapist is to work on various areas, points and lines of the skin to relax the person and to reduce tension on the face. While massaging the direction has to be upward always as this can easily keep your skin tight and youthful for long.

Benefits of facial massages

  • The horizontal lines present on the forehead as well as the nose could be reduced with the gentle massages and pressure applied to certain points.
  • To prevent blemishes, scars and also to unclog the pores present, massaging of the nostrils is done.
  • To prevent sagging of the cheek muscles and also to avert the upcoming of wrinkles, mouth and cheeks are rubbed and massaged.
  • The appearance of wrinkles and heavy bags around the eyes could be reduced by massaging around the eyes.
  • For prevention of sagging skin and to increase the muscle tone the massaging of chin and neck is done. Such a massage is essential for removing double chin which is a common problem in many.
  • Massaging of the ears and gentling pulling those helps a lot as there are certain pressure points in the ear which has the ability to stimulate different body parts. This is the final step as it could be the best one to stimulate the senses.


Recipe for an oil massage: Carrot and Calendula Complexion Conditioner

Recipe for an oil massageThe facial massage oil is the one which suits up all skin types with an exception for very oily skin, couperose skin and sunburned ones. It is considered to be a moisturizing facial massage oil that is deep penetrating and gentle. The facial massage shows up the truth during the winter months especially, where you will have the soft smooth and glowing skin instead of the rash ones. Facial massages are sure to penetrate deeply increasing the circulation and thus retaining moisture within.


  • Sesame oil or hazel nut oil or jojoba oil depending on the skin type – 2 tablespoon
  • Carrot seed essential oil – 6 drops
  • Calendula essential oil – 4 drops


  • In a dark glass bottle mix all the ingredients.
  • Mix it thoroughly by shaking it.
  • Can use the oil within one year.

Facial massages have proved to be the best relieving stress and tension, by promoting the lymph and blood circulation. Continuing facial massage daily helps in promoting the youthfulness and tightening of the skin. There are different types of facial massages which can be carried out on daily basis.


  • Facial massage type 1Take about two teaspoon of the oil into the palm and begin with the base of the throat gently massaging in upwards motion. Massage gently with alternate hands. Slowly progress towards your jaw line to the base of your ears.
  • Massage in circular motion into the cheeks and ears gently.
  • Then, beginning from the inner part of the eyes, gently tap the eyes with the fingers and move slowly towards the outer edge.
  • With the fingers, carefully massage gentle strokes outwards the forehead starting from the center. Continue by using both the hands and thus end up circular strokes over the forehead and temples.
  • The same steps are to be repeated 5 times each day. By this time, the entire oil might have been absorbed into the skin. Thus the need of wiping off the oil is not necessary.


Facial massage type2Massaging needs excess of oil for the fingers to glide onto the skin. The environment also plays an important role as always select a calm and quite atmosphere. The pressure could be made even by using the middle as well as the ring fingers. Never be harsh on the skin as each and every stroke has to be slow, gentle and soft. The massaging rhythm has to be in a tune and depending on the breathing movements. With the progressing of massage, the pace also should be slowed down.


Facial massage with center of foreheadSteps involved in the facial massage

  • The first step starts with the center of the forehead, complete six circular movements across the brow. Repeat the same procedure three times. The ending up of the massage should in such a way that a gentle and soft pressure is applied at the temples with three counts. The pressure points could be easily located at the small depression present between the bones which are in the temples. This massages helps a lot to prevent the formation of  any kind of horizontal lines
  • Facial massage of noseThe next aim is towards the nose; start with the inner hollow of the eye by sliding the fingers along the sides of the nose. The left hand should be used to massage the right side of the nose and right hand for the left side of the nose. This has to be repeated three times as this prevents in the appearance of horizontal lines seen on the nose.
  • Massaging around the nostrils helps in unclogging the pores thus prevents the occurrences of blackheads, white heads and scars. While working upwards, always exert extra pressure and repeat the same about six times.
  • Facial massage around corner of lipsA gentle massage around the corners of the lips will help in improving the lines also the sagging present at the corners. This should be done by outward and upward movement and has to be repeated three times.
  • Outward massage from the chin to the earlobes helps to prevent sagging of the cheeks. The entire massage should be completed in six circular strokes thus keeping a focus over the jaw line. This massage has to be repeated three times and the step has to be ended by pressing at the pressure points present at the temples.
  •  Facial massage around eyesMassaging around the eyes helps in preventing the sagging around the eyes and also the formation of wrinkles. It reduces the puffiness and dark circles which are present around the eyes. The first step is to press the pressure points which lie below the brow bone just below the inner eyebrows and count for three. Then massage once around the eyes and from the same starting point count for six. This has to be repeated three times. End up by massaging very gently over the eyelids and finally press at the temples.
  • Facial massage of neckTo prevent the sagging and the development of horizontal lines in neck, massaging from the collar bone to the base of the chin proved to be very helpful. The stiffness and the tension that is created at the nape are lessened. The neck massage has to be carried out with the palms of the hand. As the massage progresses, both the hands has to be used alternatively. The entire massage should be completed with six strokes outwards and six inwards. While slipping to the center of the neck, the pressure has to be increased slightly while moving outward.
  • Facial massage along jaw lengthMuscles in the chin could be toned to prevent sagging. Movement similar to that of the scissors should be done by grasping the chin with the index as well as with the middle finger along the jaw. The next step is to slowly move the fingers along the jaw length. Place the index finger under the jaw and with the help of side of the index finger and thumb, give a gentle massage to the back of right ear. Alternate hands as the massage progress and repeat the same six times.
  • Facial massage of earsEar is one of the important parts which promote and maintain the overall balance of the body as the pressure points are stimulated thus sending the reflexes are send to different parts of the body. For this spiral upward motion is followed with the thumb and index finger by counting from five. On counting the next number, the thumb has to be slid along the jaw downwards by keeping the finger as close to the ear as possible. Then the same movement has to be done backwards to the earlobe thus stimulating different pressure points present in the area. The same procedure has to be repeated three times.


For many of them getting a spa treatment might be costly. They can opt for the home facial massage which is equally good as the one done at the spa center. Even though it is not as beneficial as the latter it is the just to the need of the skin. For this the facial massage oil has to be prepared by mixing various oils.


  • Virgin coconut oil – 4 ounces
  • Evening primrose oil – 1 ounce
  • Rosehip seed oil – 1 ounce
  • Sea buckthorn oil or carrot seed oil – ¼ teaspoon
  • Rose oil or absolute – 2-3 drops
  • Vitamin E or natural – 5 drops

These oils have to be mixed according to the proportion given in a plastic HDPE squeeze bottle so that no touch dispensing could be done. The oil can remain the same for around one year or so.
Facial masks
The most important thing to ensure is the cleanliness of the face. For this either a facial mask or cleansing grains are to be used for the success. Grains could be used so that the dead skin can be removed and blood flow could be increased. You can ultimately end up the cleaning process by using a mild cleanser.

Facial massage with soft fingersWhile doing the massage always makes sure that you are in a calm, quiet and soft surrounding. Soft music can add to the therapy as it brings out calmness within the soul. For a wonderful massage, good medium like the massage oil is needed. Apply it all over the face with the fingertips. Always remember that the most sensitive place is the skin which has a good vascular activity and this is the main reason for blushing. Use soft strokes to continue the massaging process as the skin can cause more irritation and swelling if done harshly.

Light pressure could be exerted with the help of index, middle as well as the ring fingers. Rhythm has to be adopted which is steady and slow which is termed as effleurage. With the proceedings of the massage, the pace could be slowed down. The force of gravity could be delayed if the entire process of massage is along the upward direction.

  • The forehead is to be started with first along the eyebrows. Massage along the forehead in circular motions and repeat the same 5 times.
  • The next step is to the nose. With the help of index finger massage along the sides of the nose starting from the hollow of the eyes and repeat it four times.
  • Facial massage along upward directionThe most important part of the face is eyes and has to be very gentle and careful in massaging at this part. This is because the skin around the eyes is too soft and delicate and has to be dealt with keenly. Gently massage from the inner part to the outer part of the eye in a sweeping motion by placing the index finger above the eyebrow and the middle finger below the eye. Repeat it three times. For relieving tension or stress the best way is to press gently on the hollow of the eye and then release. Repeat it 5 times daily.
  • The next part to get noticed is the mouth and chin.  Gently start the massage from the chin upwards along the mouth and lips and stop just below the nostrils. Repeat it five times.
  • Fat deposits gets stacked up in the chin so these are to be massaged by grasping the skin with the help of index as well as the middle finger and gently move in scissor like motion. Then move through the same line backwards in a circular motion and repeat the entire procedure 5 times.
  • By slow circular motions massage upwards from the cheeks to the temples. On reaching the temples massage in circular motion at the temples three times. Massage the temples at the place where the end of bone occurs and a small pit falls. Repeat the entire procedure 5 times.
  • The most important part is the neck, start at the back and massage in circular small motions from the back to upwards reaching to the head. Repeat it 5 times.
  • Work small motions from the collar bone upwards to the chin with the help of three massage fingers and repeat it 4 times.
  • Ears are the most important of all and have to be taken care in massages. With the help of index finger and thumb massage and repeat 4 times. End up by sliding the thumb along the jaw line to release the pressure from the back of the ears.


The message quoted by Hippocrates is that Healing begins with the aromatic bath and daily massage. The result of the face while getting up in the morning can be looked at as it looks puffy, pale and even creased. It is all due to the lack of proper blood flow and also the circulation slowing down.

Facial massage ultimate anti aging treatmentBody taking deep rest at night results in stopping various systems which pumps blood and also lymph in the body. Thus it ends up in building up of waste due to the formation of lymph drainage of toxins and the slowing down of the tissues. One of the relevant sign regarding this is the puffiness of the eyes that occurs in the morning for everyone. In the same way, the slowing down of the blood circulation is followed by paleness.

Apart from sleep, other signs also result in slowing down of the circulation. Some of them are poor nutrition, shallow breathing, lack of exercise and even the exposure to pollution and different present living methods. All these results in reducing the lymph drainage and blood flow.

The sign that results due to increased blood flow is the pink skin. But the active lymph flow cannot be indicated boldly, but even then the stimulation can be detected by the richer colour of the face. This is because the vessels are closer to the skin surface. At the beginning there would not be much detectable changes but in the longer run, brighter complexion results due to the presence of fluid lymph system in the form of resilient immune system. Another important thing that has to be remembered always is that blocking or ignoring the neck region while massaging can have a spontaneous effect on the skin. This is because, more lymph nodes are present in the neck.

The working

A gentle press or pricking at a particular area would increase the blood flow at that region. The immediate response could be detected at the face as there are small muscles which are sensitive and they are packed with endings and they respond quickly to touch.
Facial massage increase blood flow
As age increases, the different layers of the skin having connective tissue and facial muscles become less active and supple. It is due to these the rigidness of the face results namely, rigid jaws, staring eyes, frown lines, pursed lips etc become the part and parcel of the face. Apart from age, yet another reason for the changes is tension.

With a gentle facial massage, the facial muscles could be loosened up and it also lets them to get back to their places bringing a special glow to the face. Continuing the entire process of massage has the ability to make the face look relaxed and thus much younger. This is due to effect of massage on blood circulation which leaves the skin glowing and bright.

The two main things which has to be understood while doing a facial massage is the

  • Weakness of the older muscles.
  • The presence of the adjoining tissues which are important.

This is because, the facial muscles are very delicate and firm and has to be looked in with caution. If the massaging is hard and rough, it can have adverse effect on the skin as it leads to lengthening of the muscles.

Massaging the scalp also proves to have benefits for the skin as it is pretty helpful. Special care is to be taken while massaging sensitive skin which is usually fair and dry. This type of skin results in surface damage thus leading to couperose and broken veins.

Four minute facial massage
The massage could be started either with a moisturizer or with carrier oil. These are simple steps and could take a maximum of four minutes and for this reason it could be adopted as a daily routine.

  • First, take a teaspoon of oil into one palm and rub into both the palms evenly. In long outward direction apply over the face, neck and also very carefully around the eyes. The ring finger has to be used while applying around the eyes.
  • Applying oil over faceStarting from one ear to another massage upwards from the base of the neck to the jaw line alternating hands so that the whole of the neck is covered.
  • Slide from one ear to another along the jaw line using the index finger and the middle finger. Massage in such a way that the index finger lies on the top of the jaw and the middle finger has to be below.
  • Place the fingers together focusing to the brow, keep the fingers straight. Press both the sides of the nose with the edge of the hands; repeat the same after holding for about three to four seconds time.
  • Slowing releasing the pressure, swift hands through the cheeks with the help of index finger, end pressing the ears with a small pressure. Repeat after holding for about three to four seconds.
  • Hold your fingers as loose fist under the chin and place both the thumbs symmetrically towards the corners of the mouth. Repeat the same placing hands below the nose and also along the nostrils around the nose tip.
  • Facial massage over eyebrowsSlide gently with the middle and ring finger over the eyebrows from eyebrows and as you move along the eyebrows, use the middle finger only to move beneath the eyes.
  • Slowly massage over the closed eyelids with the middle finger and then massage gently beneath the eyes also.
  • Smooth the hands over the eyebrows slowly in an upward direction so as to produce and uplift. Lead with the index finger and alternate hands thus starting from the middle of eyebrows thus ending up in the hairline.
  • Produce a gentle and firm suction by cupping the entire face with the hands covering it. Hold for a second producing the pressure and them release it.
  • Apply a firm pressure to the left side of the neck with the right hand. Massage from the base to the jaw line. But avoid the wind pipe. Repeat the same with the right side of the neck with the left hand.


There are certain special massages focusing on the problem areas so as to provide a solution to the problem. It could also be added up to the daily massage routine.

  • Facial massage jowlsDouble chin: With the help of the thumb gentle press the muscle present beneath the jaw. Commence from the centre of the chin to the jaw bone angle slowly.
  • Jowls: Work on the cheek muscles with the ring finger and the middle finger flickering up as gentle strokes producing a rolling movement bringing the muscles upwards.
  • Wrinkled lips: Smile so that the lips are stretched and then anchor the middle finger of the left hand on the corresponding corner of the mouth. With the middle finger of the right hand massage in circular motions along the bottom of the lower lip. Use alternate hands to produce the same effect on the other side of the lips.
  • Frown lines between the eyesFrown lines between the eyes: With the help of ring finger of right hand, massage in small circular motions between the eyebrows in such a way that the skin is supported by the middle and index finger in a V-shaped upward direction.
  • Open pores between the eyes and on the nose: Make small circular massages on the nose with the ring finger and middle finger. Commence at the nostrils to the tip of the nose and then along the sides of the nose and then to the bridge.
  • Crow’s feet along the side of the eyes: With the help of the middle fingers of both the hands slide along in both horizontal as well as vertical lines from the outer corner of the eyes to the temple. Alternate hands as the massage progresses.
  • Forehead brow lines: The first step is to identify each brow line you have. With the middle finger of the right hand slowly massage on each brow line starting from the inner corner of the eye along the line to the outer. The skin has to be supported at the line with the help of index finger and middle finger of the left hand. Repeat the same procedure on each of the lines.


  • Other type of facial massageDeluxe Basic Aromatic Facial Massage: This massage is somewhat similar to the basic facial massage and even the paraffin dip on the feet hand. It helps in restoring the moisture content in the skin.
  • Basic Aromatic Spa Facial Massage: The muscles of the face are relaxed along with the rejuvenation process of the skin.
  • Signature Service Facial Massage: It is a 75 minute facial which promises in providing final relaxation with the cool and hot temperature stones. It is the treatment offered for people with sinus congestion and upper body stress.
  • Essential Spa Facial: Upper body is to which the facial concentrates including, the neck, shoulders, arms and hands.

Facial massage for daily routineA facial massage could be either done at home or at any beauty salon. It depends on the customer herself as a therapist or a professional can handle the skin much more gently and comfortable that you can perform it yourself. But there are facial massages which are to be done daily as routines so as to get the best results. It would last hardly ten minutes. These are to be followed as told by the professional or you can even grab more of the daily massages from websites as many are there to assist you these days. While opting for a facial massage always depend on your skin tone as the massages differ with the skin type.

Getting the perfect facial massage is sure to bring a special glow to the face and also relive tensions and aches to lead to a stress free life ahead. People are now more into the facial massages as everyone would love to look beautiful and relaxed even at their older ages. Therefore, there is no age bar in getting into the real beauty.

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