Makeup Tips For A Photogenic Look

Gone are the days when a good photograph used to be only about the physical appearance of people. In the present times, photography requires an elaborate makeup routine in order to highlight your physical assets in the best way possible. That is the reason why makeup for photography is a little different from make for daily use.

Photography makeup requires you to concentrate on other areas apart from the face as the photograph captures them. It also necessitates heavier usage of makeup as the flash in a photograph can wash out the effects of the makeup. Professional fashion photography or modelling for a photo shoot requires the subject to keep in mind the effects of flash and big lights on the set on his or her makeup and clothing. This guide aims to help you with the process of looking perfect for the next photo-shoot:

  1. Clothing for Photography
  2. This is one of the most important aspects of getting ready for a photo-shoot. The photograph not only captures the beauty of the model but it also aims at capturing the beauty enhanced with the dress that you are wearing. You need to keep in mind how the colour of your dress might behave when exposed to heavy lighting of photo-shoot sets or camera flash.

    • Pattern / Colour Texture
    • This is one of the most important factors that should be kept in mind while going for a photo-shoot. Black, grey and white are the favourites apart from paint swipes and vibrant colours. Choose a texture that you are comfortable sporting. Nothing looks better in a photo than a confident model. In case you are in the mood to experiment, don’t hold back. A bold model is a photographer’s delight.

    • Layering
    • Mixing the clothes from your wardrobe fulfil multiple purposes. It not only allows you to use the same (or almost same) wardrobe for all seasons but also helps you experiment with your mood and personality. It allows you to be unique amidst a mundane photo-shoot. It also ensures that you are sporting a number of colours and textures which increases the bling factor of the photograph.

      Use a scarf as a bandana or tie a long neckpiece around your waist for an abstract look.

      Mixing various layers of clothing has been the recent trend and one that can be easily gone overboard with. Overdoing the layering effect is the biggest fashion faux pass during a photo-shoot and one that should be avoided.

  3. The Makeup
  4. The choice of dress for a photo-shoot is of importance but makeup is the oxygen for a photo-shoot. The wrong makeup can spoil the best dresses and the right makeup can make an average dress look gorgeous. A number of technical factors need to be kept in mind while doing makeup for a photo-shoot. Thus, it is advised to let the experts handle it. In case you want to try your own hands at it, then here are the necessary guidelines.

    • The Basics
    • It is advisable that you go through your usual grooming routine before diving into the makeup for a photo-shoot. Start off with common practices like moisturizing, cleansing and toning. This routine ensures that your face is free of germs and dust particles which can interfere with the makeup.

      Also ensure that you have gone through your eyebrow plucking, threading and any other hair removal routine. This will ensure that there is no interference with the makeup.

    • Foundation
    • Getting the foundation right is of utmost importance. This is the first layer of makeup that you will put on your face and all the other things go over this. Getting this wrong will result in hassles.

      The foundation works to crease out any wrinkles on your face and other fine lines. This will ensure that your face is perfect in a photograph. Cleansing before applying foundation removes oils and makes the foundation more durable.

      Products with a high SPF content make the face look flushed.

      It is very important that the foundation matches your natural skin colour. The last thing you want is a flushed face with dark hands and legs in the photograph. Matte foundations are recommended in order to avoid shining of the face in the photograph. Foundation should also be used on other exposed areas of the body in order to attain a uniform look. Blend out the foundation properly with extreme care. Otherwise it leaves visible lines which are an eyesore. Ensure that you use high quality foundations. Using low quality products might result in melting or breaking of the product in front of the heavy lights and humid conditions.

    • Bronzer
    • Using bronzer gives an effect of light and shadow to your skin the way the sun does naturally. It is used for enhancing the contours of your face and other features of the visible parts of your body. Usage of bronzer on your noses, cheeks, temples and forehead is of importance. It provides a matt shiny look.

      In order to have a complete and uniform look, you must apply the bronzer on other body parts like shoulder and exposed parts like your cleavage, arms, etc. with a fluffy brush. Powdered bronzers in light and matt shades are usually recommended.

    • Blush
    • This product serves multiple purposes when used as a makeup for photo-shoot. Just like the bronzer, blush is used to avoid the flushed look in models and is added to the contours of the face (usually it is not applied on other body parts). It also allows the model to sport a feminine look in case that’s what is necessary.

      Apply the blush on the lower regions of your cheek, under the cheek bone. Using feminine colours like shades of pink and red is recommended. In case the photo-shoot demands so, black or other dark colours can also be used for the purpose. Unlike bronzer and foundation, it helps to leave a concentrated spot on your skin while applying blush. But remember to smooth out the edges of the area using a brush otherwise it might appear as a blotch of makeup.

    • Finishing Touch
    • Photo-shoots usually take place in hot and humid situations under strong lights. This often results in the melting of the makeup you have applied (irrespective of the brand and quality). Try to use a setting spray or a translucent setter powder in order to keep it in place and ensure its durability.

    • Makeup for Your Eyes
    • The makeup of the eye is often used to set the mood for the photo-shoot. For example heavy kohl clad eyes are used for darker photo-shoots, minimalistic eye makeup is used for a photo-shoot that needs to be kept simple, et al.

      Eye shadow primers should be added to your eyelids to start with. This serves the purpose of a foundation for the rest of your eye makeup. Eye shadow is the next step in eye makeup and one that must be done very carefully. Choose an eye shadow that matches your skin tone and also similar to the colour used to enhance the eyebrow region. Matt soft colours are heavily recommended for this purpose. Avoid using any colour which glitters as they might spoil the picture by reflecting light from the camera’s flash.

      Eyeliner is the next in line. You must use eyeliner only for your upper eyelashes. Try using a powder for your lower eyelash in order to ensure that the secretion of oil from the eyeliner doesn’t ruin your facial makeup. Use mascara or eyeliners to elongate the look of the eyelashes. Having long eyelashes is a time proven way of looking attractive in a photo-shoot. It also helps to make you look fresh and energetic.

      You can experiment with other small details when it comes to eye makeup. Try using eyebrow curlers or false eyelashes in case you are not happy with the natural effects. You can also use gel for keeping the hairs in your eyelashes and eyebrow in place. Ensure that you are using the best products with least chemical content available in the market. Eyes are very sensitive organs and must be taken well care of.

    • Lips
    • Having the right looking pair of lips is essential to looking attractive in a photo-shoot.

      Lip liners must be used on your lips before using lipsticks for the entire area of the lips. It is recommended that you use a lip liner with a soft nude hue and one that is lighter or similar to the lipstick that you plan to use. Using darker shades of lip liner must be avoided as they spoil the picture. After applying the lip liner you must fill up the entire lips with it in order to add the hue before the lipstick is applied. Once you have applied the lipstick, you can choose to add a lip gloss over it to add a shiny effect. But keep in mind, the usage of lip gloss shouldn’t be overdone. Too bright lips will reflect the flash from the camera and spoil the photo.

      You can also choose to apply a natural lip balm instead of a lip gloss in case you want to go natural. Experts suggest the use of soft nude colours of lipstick on thin lips. Always look to use natural flavour lipsticks with least chemical content. The lipstick often melts and enters your body. Lipsticks with heavy chemical content have the potential to give rise to health problems.

  5. Makeup  for Men
  6. The need for makeup in men is limited to usage of foundation and bronzer along with basic cleansing, toning and moisturising. This routine helps to hide skin defects in the male models like wrinkles, skin lines and stretch marks on other visible body areas. It is also used to enhance the light and shadow effect by using them on body contours. Men can use limited amounts of kohl for their eyes for purposes of highlighting them. Lip balms are often recommended in order to cover cracks. Using the softest and most matt nude colours is very necessary while doing makeup for men. You must also ensure that the colour matches the skin tone.

  7. Makeup Essentials That You Should Carry
  8. Though makeup for photo-shoot is regarded as a specialized trained person’s job, it is advisable to have a few essentials with you while going for a photo-shoot. It is also hygienic to carry your own makeup equipment like curlers, clips, lipstick, etc.

    Spray a q-tip with hair spray, and then run the saturated q-tip under your bangs for a thorough application.

    Ensure that you always have a hair spray with you in order to handle flyaway hair. Also, it is recommended that you carry makeup removers at all points of time. They come in handy in case your makeup smudges. It is better to have no makeup than spoiled makeup. Don’t forget to carry nail glue and eyelash glue in case you are wearing artificial ones. They will be useful to save you from the embarrassment in case the false nail or the artificial eyelash slips off.

Getting ready for a photo-shoot is very important. It must be done with extreme care. It is advised to leave it to professional makeup artists in case they are available. Also ensure that the makeup artists are aware of any allergies or preferences that you have when it comes to chemicals, products and colours. Taking care of your hair, skin and facial organs like lips and eyes must not come second to the needs of your makeup.

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